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This wiki space is intended for the use of the Canvas API sub-group of the HTML Accessibility Task Force. Content in this wiki is developmental, and should be considered (and cited) as such.

Canvas Sub-Group Meetings & Minutes

Next meeting: [this group is not currently meeting]

The Canvas sub-team will meet every other Monday at 6:00 PM Boston Time until work is concluded. Meeting information is as follows:

  • IRC: server:, channel: #html-a11y.
  • Zakim Code: 2119# (a11y#)

Next Agenda

(for September 8th, 2014)

Meeting: Canvas Task Force
Chair: Sam Ruby
agenda+ Testing Status
agenda+ Implementations Update
agenda+ Level 1 CR
agenda+ Heartbeat Level 2

agenda+ Next Meeting

Mailing List

The subgroup will use to conduct all correspondence. [archives]

Canvas Accessibility: Bugs, Issues & Proposals

(See also Canvas Accessibility Use Cases.)

Implementation Progress

Hit Regions
Supported in Firefox Nightly 32
Chromium Issue 300223009: Implement basic parts of hit regions on canvas2d.
Chromium Issue 328961: Chrome does not support HTML5 Canvas Hit Testing
Bug 63463 - AX: Support HTML5 Canvas AX with hit regions
Chromium Issue 287163007: WIP: <canvas> hit regions
Supported in Firefox Nightly 32
Supported in Chrome ??
WebKit Bug 132584 - Add support for drawFocusIfNeeded
WebKit Bug 124592 - AX: Support HTML5 Canvas FKA with focus rings

Bugs: a11y

It has been decided that the following bugs will not have the "a11ytf" keyword applied to them at this time. This does not mean the task force has no interest in them. But they are bugs with no immediate task force work plan. The task force may review them in the future.