ACTION-47: Change ISO-639 and ISO-3166 to BCP 47

Change ISO-639 and ISO-3166 to BCP 47

Michael Cooper
Due on:
August 6, 2014
Created on:
March 20, 2013
Associated Product:
IndieUI: User Context 1.0
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Michael, IIRC, you requested this. Is there a better link we can use that the plain-text document?

James Craig, 4 May 2014, 03:42:25


11 Jun 2014, 21:46:05

[jcraig]: coordinate with HTML-a11y

11 Jun 2014, 21:50:04

Ignore that last comment. It was intended for ACTION-48.

James Craig, 11 Jun 2014, 21:51:22

Display change log.

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