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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-3 (edit)
OPEN SecondaryAction (aka "Context Menu") 2012-10-17 IndieUI: Events 1.0 0
ISSUE-7 (edit)
HTML coord: drag/drop
OPEN Discuss drag/drop with PF and HTML (need cut/copy markers and well as drop targets) 2012-11-02 IndieUI: Events (Future Release) 0
ISSUE-8 (edit)
contextual TTS dictionary
OPEN Need a way to define a contextual text-to-speech (TTS) pronunciation dictionary on a per-resource basis. 2012-12-03 IndieUI: User Context (Future Release) 0
ISSUE-9 (edit)
text editing
OPEN text editing events, potentially including rich text editing 2013-01-09 IndieUI: Events (Future Release) 0
ISSUE-15 (edit) OPEN When POR is in an element receiving IndieUI events, should the IndieUI event "block" standard physical events? e.g. should dismissrequest prevent the page from receiving Esc keypress while focus is in a dialog that handles dismissrequest 2013-11-14 IndieUI: Events 1.0 0

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