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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-333 (edit) pending review Draft update to wcag 2.1 frontmatter Michael Cooper 2017-01-19
ACTION-75 (edit) open Create failure technique for SC 2.2.4 about alerts to warn of impending timeout, a legitimate way to meet 2.2.1 at A but a failure of 2.2.4 at AAA Michael Cooper 2010-02-18
ACTION-50 (edit) open Harmonize description of H2 with Flash technique combining adjecent buttons Michael Cooper 2010-02-28
ACTION-67 (edit) open Create visual examples of G18... Michael Cooper 2010-02-28
ACTION-89 (edit) open Coordinate with Shawn about fate of Michael Cooper 2010-05-13
ACTION-92 (edit) open Create a failure technique for CSS animations Michael Cooper 2010-05-26
ACTION-135 (edit) open Draft a "how to write a good WCAG technique" document Michael Cooper 2011-07-07
ACTION-143 (edit) open Get added to WCAG FAQ that we can't guarantee all UA info current Michael Cooper 2011-09-08
ACTION-185 (edit) open Add a banner to old WCAG documents pointing to latest versions Michael Cooper 2012-10-18
ACTION-282 (edit) open Raise issue of css technique for generated content fallbacks Michael Cooper 2014-10-13
ACTION-297 (edit) open Do initial proposal for multi-dimensional categorization of techniques Michael Cooper 2014-11-12
ACTION-281 (edit) open Draft proposed rewrites of wcag understanding and techniques abstracts and introductions Michael Cooper 2014-11-15
ACTION-312 (edit) open Create xslt that will generate interim json file Michael Cooper 2015-06-08
ACTION-313 (edit) open Look into timeline for sources transition and get back to us Michael Cooper 2015-06-08
ACTION-316 (edit) open Send a quick pointer to aria to take a look at this Michael Cooper 2015-12-08
ACTION-321 (edit) open Propose project plan for wcag Michael Cooper 2016-04-21
ACTION-335 (edit) open See if auto diff generation possible with git Michael Cooper 2017-01-19
ACTION-336 (edit) open Do the respec extensions for publication Michael Cooper 2017-01-19
ACTION-338 (edit) open Put together a draft template of structure of supplemental guidance Michael Cooper 2017-07-06
ACTION-340 (edit) open Set up mailing list to archive gh comment activity Michael Cooper 2017-10-19

Open Issues

There is 1 open issue listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-3 (edit)
quickref multiview
OPEN Collect requirements for updated version of QuickRef 2010-06-21 0

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