ISSUE-35: SCR21 and WCAG Scripting proposal

SCR21 and Scripting

SCR21 and WCAG Scripting proposal

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Wilco Fiers
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SR21 is a technique relating to accessible scripting. The use of innerHTML can support the creation of accessible content if it is used to inject structured accessible HTML. The use of document.write will output a string directly to a page, and is considered an out of date method of adding content.
SCR21 needs to be re-written to take into consideration changes in user agent/AT support. The working group also acknowledge that this is a wider issue relating to the use of accessible scripting techniques and WCAG. [1]

Wilco suggested a proposal for dynamic content to the group. [1]
The suggestion in the 'WCAG Techniques for dynamic content' doc was surveyed by the WCAG working group ion the 15th April and overall got positive feedback. [2]

There were some outstanding action items

<Joshue> ACTION: Josh to ping Cynthia for some background on SCR21 [recorded in] [DONE]

ACTION: David to connect with GOV of Canada regarding their objections to the discouraged parts of SCR21 [recorded in]

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[1] Origina Survey
[2] Proposal:
[3] Related WCAG minutes:

Joshue O'Connor, 17 Jul 2014, 13:03:50

Related to LC-2891:

Joshue O'Connor, 17 Jul 2014, 13:06:08

Davids Action Item:

Joshue O'Connor, 18 Jul 2014, 11:09:25

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