ISSUE-17: ARIA 7 has a link to the wrong name calculation <input> rather than <a>

ARIA 7 has a link to the wrong name calculation <input> rather than <a>

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David MacDonald
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ARIA 7 has a link to the name calculation, but it is the name calculation for an input field. Scrolling down takes the user to a section that says "all other elements", with a link to the calculation in the ARIA 1.0 Standard. It would be more accurate to point the link there directly.
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  1. WCAG-ISSUE-17 (David): [HTML & ARIA Techniques TF] (from on 2014-05-16)

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We could just change the anchor to the id of the specific part
i.e. change to

James Nurthen, 16 May 2014, 21:21:35

James link is fine with me

David MacDonald, 19 May 2014, 18:41:21

[Joshue]: Proposal to change the description text including changing the link in description to point to 6.10 [ACCEPTED]

15 Jul 2014, 16:06:41

resolved on July 15 call

Andrew Kirkpatrick, 15 Jul 2014, 16:36:06

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