Silver Meeting 2019 May 15-17 in Austin TX USA

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Silver Meeting at AccessU 2019

Members of the Silver Task Force and Silver Community Group who are attending or presenting at the AccessU conference on 15-17 May 2019 at St. Edwards University Austin, TX Austin, Texas are meeting in Moody 304. If you are only attending the Face to Face meeting, then registration for the conference is not required. You can come and go as you need to to attend the conference. If you want to attend sessions, please pay the conference fee.

Remote Participation

Remote participation will be available via WebEx.

Agenda Topics

We will be working on:

Writing content for Silver

We will be writing drafts of the following WCAG 2.1 success criteria following the WCAG to Silver Outline Migration plan. These are the success criteria the Silver group have prioritized:

The content templates are in a folder on the Google Drive. The shortened link is


For each WCAG SC:

  1. User Needs - initial breadth
  2. Tests - initial breadth
  3. Evaluate and prioritize the difficulty (for including in FPED)
  4. If doable, write Methods
  5. If #4, write Guideline

Update Style Guide as we go.