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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Work on taskforce wiki Jeanne F Spellman 2016-11-22
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Work on public request for stakeholder input Sarah Horton 2016-11-22
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Check about research questions and whether w3c limits publication opportunities. Jeanne F Spellman 2016-11-29
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Flesh out the research projects wiki page in preparation for the f2f Jeanne F Spellman 2016-12-09
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Prioritize the f2f agenda goals with shawn and rough out the agenda for f2f. Jeanne F Spellman 2016-12-09
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Make an editorial/spelling/punctuation pass of research projects page Jeanne F Spellman 2016-12-13
ACTION-7 (edit) closed And shawn to work on schedule for face-to-face Jeanne F Spellman 2016-12-16
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Will work on stakeholder map activity Sarah Horton 2016-12-16
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Cast about for screen reader developer names Jeanne F Spellman 2017-01-03
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Ask lainey for other lawyer names Jeanne F Spellman 2016-12-30
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Do outreach to alistapart for non-a11y people Andrew Kirkpatrick 2016-12-19
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Contact ian hamilton for game developer frameworks Jeanne F Spellman 2017-02-06
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Update work statement to reflect updated work expectations. Michael Cooper 2016-12-19
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Update research page to add timeline and ip Jeanne F Spellman 2016-12-20
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Add expectations to research page Jeanne F Spellman 2017-07-14
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Will create wiki page of map Jeanne F Spellman 2016-12-23
ACTION-17 (edit) closed And jemma will work on mapping names and roles Shawn Lauriat 2016-12-23
ACTION-18 (edit) closed And jemma to clarify language under expectations related to data Jeanne F Spellman 2016-12-23
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Determine how we can acknowledge contributions Jeanne F Spellman 2016-12-23
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Will put each research activity in its own row in the timeline so we can track the activities separately Jeanne F Spellman 2016-12-23
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Will draft questions and share with taskforce David Sloan 2016-12-23
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Finish stakeholders mapped sheet Shawn Lauriat 2016-12-27
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Work on contextual information for stakeholder map. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-01-10
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Will contact awk and josh to have silver be on the agenda of 10 january, with the stakeholder map ready for review by wcag wg. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-01-10
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Will reeach out to w3c members who informally committed resources to silver tf. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-09-12
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Will set up the wiki page with details of how people can participate. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-01-10
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Create a wbs for the survey with the edits noted by sarah and jemma. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-01-13
ACTION-28 (edit) closed With shawn will finish updating the roles of the stakeholder participants submissions. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-01-13
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Finalize the survey from feedback and ensure all contacts send it out to their respective researchers. Sarah Horton 2017-01-17
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Will reach out to the wg to find an owner for background research to coordinate with the core tf. Shawn Lauriat 2017-01-17
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Remind judy about the list of contacts for international disability organizations Jeanne F Spellman 2017-01-20
ACTION-32 (edit) pending review Post requests for participation on lists looking for people with diverse disabilities, particularly movement disabilities. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-09-08
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Contact people with multiple disabilities and other disabilities not current covered Jan McSorley 2017-01-20
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Contact general ux people and add them to stakeholders Jan McSorley 2017-01-20
ACTION-35 (edit) pending review Add stakeholders for general ux, developers, designers, and reach out to contact at vermont coders to tweet our request. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-09-08
ACTION-36 (edit) pending review Ask news, video, and e-business sources for stakeholders. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-09-08
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Talk to heydon about outreach to general designers. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-01-20
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Contact josh and awk to be on the agenda briefly to ask for contacts internationally for general category roles. Shawn Lauriat 2017-01-20
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Reach out to dave raggett for contacts for internet of things and appliances Jeanne F Spellman 2017-01-20
ACTION-40 (edit) pending review Reach out to colleagues with experience with switch for android, and also to get people on hardware development side as stakeholders Shawn Lauriat 2017-09-08
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Look up name of some audio description experts. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-01-20
ACTION-42 (edit) pending review Reach out to someone from TextHelp to help with the assistive technology interface Shawn Lauriat 2017-09-08
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Contact designers and add to stakeholders Sarah Horton 2017-01-24
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Contact content providers and add to stakeholders Sarah Horton 2017-01-24
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Contact developers and add to stakeholders Sarah Horton 2017-01-24
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Contact product managers and add to stakeholders Sarah Horton 2017-01-24
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Contact IT managers and add to stakeholders Sarah Horton 2017-01-24
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Contact project manager and add to stakeholders Sarah Horton 2017-01-24
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Contact QA specialists and add to stakeholders Sarah Horton 2017-01-24
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Write a draft outline for presentation and the town hall session Shawn Lauriat 2017-01-24
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Will draft acknowledgement email for stakeholder submissions and share with silver taskforce before sending out to stakeholders Sarah Horton 2017-01-27
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Look into ml analysis of article/literature review to see what we can do there. Shawn Lauriat 2017-01-31
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Draw up drafts of more standardized communications and such. Sarah Horton 2017-06-23
ACTION-54 (edit) closed With Jennison as lead, reach out to accessibility meetup organizers. Shawn Lauriat 2017-08-11
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Create a communications draft for communication channels. Sarah Horton 2017-01-31
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Consolidate silver communications paths/contacts Sarah Horton 2017-01-31
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Will draft follow-up communication to research partners David Sloan 2017-02-03
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Will add silver timeline details to researchers and research activities sheet Sarah Horton 2017-02-03
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Send follow-up to research partners David Sloan 2017-02-07
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Set up a folder to archive any of the emails that have substantive response Sarah Horton 2017-02-10
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Talk with brent and sharron about being on the agenda Jan McSorley 2017-02-10
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Respond to michael to ask him for what schedule he would need. David Sloan 2017-02-14
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Start a wiki page with research questions. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-02-14
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Introduce jemma and andrew arch about literature reviews at w3c. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-02-24
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Modify the researcher spreadsheet to organize it. Shawn Lauriat 2017-09-08
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Work with jemma and sarah to draft the details of what to communicate to the researchers about zotaro participation. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-02-28
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Enter the copyright policy at the top of the wiki page for the literature review. JaEun Ku 2017-08-11
ACTION-68 (edit) closed With shawn and sarah draft a communication with the stakeholders. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-07-11
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Add to the friday agenda ways that we can use the community group more effectively. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-03-14
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Add to the agenda: researcher check-in, 2) timeline adjustments 3) onboarding new members. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-03-14
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Talk to david about setting up onboarding steps for cg members who want to support researchers. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-03-21
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Create blog post for literature review project JaEun Ku 2017-03-21
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Work with jeanne and dave to draft the policies for using the stakeholder list. also involve researcher. Jan McSorley 2017-06-09
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Follow up with jason white about helping review surveys. David Sloan 2017-03-24
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Follow up with dr. butler to help with research validity review Jan McSorley 2017-03-24
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Create onboard documents for researchers and for helping with surveys Jeanne F Spellman 2017-06-30
ACTION-77 (edit) closed With shawn to draft a message to all the stakeholders informing them that we expect surveys to start in april - june, and invite those that want to contribute more to join the community group Jeanne F Spellman 2017-03-24
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Close the stakeholder form and stakeholder list Sarah Horton 2017-03-24
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Reach to ruth and ask her to work on onboarding Jeanne F Spellman 2017-06-06
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Will move the draft of the q1 update to the public wiki. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-04-14
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Talk with dave to draw up a budget to support research - particularly self-reporting studies. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-06-23
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Review pete's survey and follow up with pete Jeanne F Spellman 2017-04-25
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Follow up with jeanne and michael about silver taskforce supporting funding requests Shawn Lauriat 2017-05-16
ACTION-84 (edit) closed And jeanne to follow up on stakeholder outreach so we can start using stakeholders for research projects Shawn Lauriat 2017-05-16
ACTION-85 (edit) closed And jeanne to follow up on core survey questions so we can start running surveys Shawn Lauriat 2017-05-16
ACTION-86 (edit) closed And jennison to draft background for post and create poll Shawn Lauriat 2017-06-02
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Discuss mike heron's research prompts with tf group Sarah Horton 2017-05-26
ACTION-88 (edit) closed - post this core research questions to rqtf and get feedback David Sloan 2017-05-26
ACTION-89 (edit) closed - prepare to share bonus survey with tf Sarah Horton 2017-06-09
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Can create high priority research questions doc, which isolate this from the rest of research questions Sarah Horton 2017-05-26
ACTION-91 (edit) closed With Jennison leading to continue work on arranging Nov 9 meetup Jeanne F Spellman 2017-06-09
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Set up a WBS form for the Stakeholder opt-in form. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-07-07
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Write a blog post on the silver position on internationalization and translation into other languages David Sloan 2017-08-18
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Start work on question bank David Sloan 2017-08-25
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Find a reference to w3c policy for data retention. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-06-23
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Research the data access and retention policies of mit, because w3c is a department of mit in the us. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-06-23
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Set up public project list so it can be referenced from david's blog post. Shawn Lauriat 2017-08-18
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Research timeline info for david's blog post from research deadline and overall timeline. Sarah Horton 2017-06-30
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Draw up budget based on notes from david and discussion in the tf meeting. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-09-12
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Work on the wcag usability study survey for 7 july 2017 Sarah Horton 2017-07-07
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Will send the opt-in form to individuals for their comments Jeanne F Spellman 2017-07-28
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Complete draft of WCAG usability survey, test, and refine Sarah Horton 2017-08-01
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Provide disclosure text for opt-in survey Michael Cooper 2017-07-18
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Work on update to wg Shawn Lauriat 2017-07-18
ACTION-105 (edit) closed And shawn to send out communication and opt-in form to stakeholders Jeanne F Spellman 2017-07-18
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Talk to michael cooper about setting up a private email list for stakeholders. Shawn Lauriat 2017-07-21
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Contact mikep about silver workshop around csun 2018 march 19-23 2018 Jeanne F Spellman 2017-09-08
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Follow up with mc about sending email to stakeholders Jeanne F Spellman 2017-08-01
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Finalize the wcag usability survey Sarah Horton 2017-08-15
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Coordinate outreach to identify participants in dave swallow's diary project Jeanne F Spellman 2017-09-01
ACTION-111 (edit) closed With Jennison will draft a blog post to share WCAG usability survey Sarah Horton 2017-09-05
ACTION-112 (edit) pending review Find wiki space for CG participants to use. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-09-02
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Reach out for diary project participants in australia and japan Jeanne F Spellman 2017-09-01
ACTION-114 (edit) closed With jennison to reach out for diary project participants in the bay area. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-09-01
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Draw up a plan for surveys, that includes asking for translation support. associated with action-94 David Sloan 2017-08-25
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Contact more people in japan to recruit people for diary study Jeanne F Spellman 2017-09-01
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Contact amazon for gift card compensation for diary study Jeanne F Spellman 2017-09-01
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Draw up a list of survey questions for the research question "how well does the current conformance model for w3c accessibility guidelines serve accessibility for people with disabilities short-term and long-term?" David Sloan 2017-09-08
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Talk to amy to get on timbl's schedule. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-09-12
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Will update the survey question list with new questions from tuesday september 12 2017 meeting Jeanne F Spellman 2017-09-19
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Write first draft of csun proposal Jeanne F Spellman 2017-09-22
ACTION-122 (edit) closed And jeanne to draft outline of the design sprint for the face-to-face. Shawn Lauriat 2017-09-29
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Talk with her contact at irb about what is needed to conduct research. JaEun Ku 2017-10-03
ACTION-124 (edit) closed (with jennison) to read through the irb information Jeanne F Spellman 2017-10-03
ACTION-125 (edit) closed (with sheri) to investigate the irb requirements and give a recommendation. Jan McSorley 2017-10-03
ACTION-126 (edit) closed With ryan to adapt a informed consent form to what we have agreed on. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-10-13
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Update the core research questions document Jeanne F Spellman 2017-10-13
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Add to the interview questions to broaden the scope. other tf members to contribute Jeanne F Spellman 2017-10-13
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Will do the korean translation for the survey JaEun Ku 2017-10-20
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Create a thank you page for the silver community group and enter the tpg and translators contributions. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-10-20
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Create an analysis spreadsheet for each the Reimaging AG sessions feedback Jeanne F Spellman 2017-10-20
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Create a separate interview project page to send to interviewees. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-10-20
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Do the pilot interview with michael cooper on conformance Jeanne F Spellman 2017-11-24
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Turn the list of underserved disabilities into a document on the wiki. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-11-24
ACTION-135 (edit) closed (with josie) to draft an invitation to the design sprint Jeanne F Spellman 2017-12-08
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Follow up with david on whether the conformance survey was/should be sent out. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-12-08
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Set up a wiki page for the design sprint Jeanne F Spellman 2017-12-12
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Move the job stories to the wiki page for the design sprint. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-12-12
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Draft the usability problem statement Jeanne F Spellman 2017-12-22
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Add the interview project to the wiki Jeanne F Spellman 2017-12-22
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Edit the wcag wiki silver page to make it more prominent that the wiki has moved. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-12-22
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Add the interview project to the wiki Jeanne F Spellman 2017-12-22
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Will re-organize the main wiki page to move the meeting info to the bottom, and promote all the silver design headings to a higher level so they stand out more. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-12-22
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Move this design sprint proposal to the wiki Jeanne F Spellman 2017-12-22
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Ask ryan to design the design sprint wiki Jeanne F Spellman 2017-12-26
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Work on the problem statements for maintenance by entering the research themes. Jeanne F Spellman 2017-12-26
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Complete the problem statements for maintenance Shawn Lauriat 2017-12-26
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Will update the design sprint proposal wiki Jeanne F Spellman 2018-01-12
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Will draft problem statement for including more disabilities Jan McSorley 2018-01-19
ACTION-150 (edit) closed With charles to update the difficult to get started problem statement Jeanne F Spellman 2018-01-19
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Will draft the process problem statement Jeanne F Spellman 2018-01-19
ACTION-152 (edit) closed With shari to look at the pete mcnally analysis Jeanne F Spellman 2018-01-26
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Write up instructions for finishing the translations David Sloan 2018-02-02
ACTION-154 (edit) closed (with imelda) to work on translation files be exactly correctly formatted Jeanne F Spellman 2018-02-02
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Review the loiacano paper and extract the information for the design sprint Shawn Lauriat 2018-02-02
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Look into analysis from pete mcnally research. Jeanne F Spellman 2018-02-06
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Complete analysis of iot report Jan McSorley 2018-03-02
ACTION-158 (edit) closed And jan to create meeting to discuss interviews Jeanne F Spellman 2018-03-02
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Set up meeting about conference feedback research Jeanne F Spellman 2018-03-02
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Set up meeting with charles next week. Jeanne F Spellman 2018-03-02
ACTION-161 (edit) open Move all the draft copies of the data analysis to the cg website Jeanne F Spellman 2018-03-06
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Write blog article on the design sprint Jeanne F Spellman 2018-04-03
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Check what it costs to use the iso standard on plain language Jeanne F Spellman 2018-04-06
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Talk to people who know about whether the plain language standard is suitable. Jeanne F Spellman 2018-04-06
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Move the strategy notes into a project plan in sheets. Jeanne F Spellman 2018-04-10
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Will reach out to wendy and lucy to get them to help with summaries. Jan McSorley 2018-04-10
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Ask michael to set up new webex call and info page starting on april 13 Jeanne F Spellman 2018-04-10
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Organize the rough first draft of the report Jeanne F Spellman 2018-04-13
ACTION-169 (edit) closed With jennison to approach developers about creating accessibile interface to github. Jeanne F Spellman 2018-04-24
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Contact sharron about F2F meeting at AccessU. Jeanne F Spellman 2018-04-24
ACTION-171 (edit) closed With charles will set up a place for people to work on the information architecture Jeanne F Spellman 2018-04-27
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Write aerly draft of requirements outline Shawn Lauriat 2018-04-27
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Email johnr to ask him to try converting the wcag scs we selected for a test of simple language Jeanne F Spellman 2018-05-01
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Send email to Karl Groves ( asking for input once the invitation is sent out. Jeanne F Spellman 2018-05-09
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Write down the requirements for the conformance prototype Jeanne F Spellman 2018-05-15
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Work on the requiremnts/ design principles this week. Shawn Lauriat 2018-05-22
ACTION-177 (edit) open Design a visual to help explain the relationship between wcag 2 and silver Imelda Llanos 2018-05-22
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Move the requirements doc to github, incorporate edits and plain language editing pass. Charles 'chaals' (McCathie) Nevile 2018-05-29
ACTION-179 (edit) open Move the conformance prototype into github Jeanne F Spellman 2018-05-29
ACTION-180 (edit) open Ask wendy about accessible github interface for msdn and how we could possibly use that Jeanne F Spellman 2018-05-29
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Update requirements with the community group sotd Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-01
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Contact the github experts to get help setting up a workflow for github. Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-01
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Update the requirements with changes from 1 june meeting Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-08
ACTION-184 (edit) open Find the list of roles from table 2 Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-12
ACTION-185 (edit) open Write up the step by step instructions for the github process Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-15
ACTION-186 (edit) open Update the invitation email and send to the silver cg Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-15
ACTION-187 (edit) closed With angela to send email to plain language volunteers by 22 june Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-22
ACTION-188 (edit) closed Update the volunteer list Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-22
ACTION-189 (edit) open Accept pull request so that we can review prototype on tuesday Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-22
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Add a line to participation section to add info for international callers. Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-22
ACTION-191 (edit) open Will check with visa contact about conducting silver testing in their lab Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-22
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Send an email to group about tpac schedule Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-22
ACTION-193 (edit) open Look into the possibility of log files on use of wcag2 information Michael Cooper 2018-06-26
ACTION-194 (edit) open With kimd to work on a transition document for agwg to silver explaining why the change in thinking. Jeanne F Spellman 2018-07-20
ACTION-195 (edit) open With luisg to start writing up a list of tests to be performed on the prototypes Jeanne F Spellman 2018-07-20
ACTION-196 (edit) open Send out an email to the cg looking for ux people Jeanne F Spellman 2018-07-24
ACTION-197 (edit) open Create a list of heuristics Charles Hall 2018-12-11
ACTION-198 (edit) closed Add information from slide decks to the new conformance document. Jeanne F Spellman 2018-12-11
ACTION-199 (edit) open Write a proposal for technology neutral sicne we have solved that since we wrote the first version of requirements Jeanne F Spellman 2019-02-19
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Draft paragraph to explain the difference. Jeanne F Spellman 2019-04-02
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Send out a form about accessu and days. Jeanne F Spellman 2019-04-05
ACTION-202 (edit) open Work on clarifying the wording of design principle 9 for tuesday. Jan McSorley 2019-05-03
ACTION-203 (edit) open (with rachael) to take the anxiety disorder needs of multimodal content to coga. Jeanne F Spellman 2019-08-16
ACTION-204 (edit) open Will take on migration of 1.2.1, 1.2.8 and 1.2.9 to silver. Charles Hall 2019-08-27

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