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ACTION-161 (edit) open Move all the draft copies of the data analysis to the cg website Jeanne F Spellman 2018-03-06
ACTION-177 (edit) open Design a visual to help explain the relationship between wcag 2 and silver Imelda Llanos 2018-05-22
ACTION-179 (edit) open Move the conformance prototype into github Jeanne F Spellman 2018-05-29
ACTION-180 (edit) open Ask wendy about accessible github interface for msdn and how we could possibly use that Jeanne F Spellman 2018-05-29
ACTION-184 (edit) open Find the list of roles from table 2 Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-12
ACTION-185 (edit) open Write up the step by step instructions for the github process Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-15
ACTION-186 (edit) open Update the invitation email and send to the silver cg Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-15
ACTION-189 (edit) open Accept pull request so that we can review prototype on tuesday Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-22
ACTION-191 (edit) open Will check with visa contact about conducting silver testing in their lab Jeanne F Spellman 2018-06-22
ACTION-193 (edit) open Look into the possibility of log files on use of wcag2 information Michael Cooper 2018-06-26
ACTION-194 (edit) open With kimd to work on a transition document for agwg to silver explaining why the change in thinking. Jeanne F Spellman 2018-07-20
ACTION-195 (edit) open With luisg to start writing up a list of tests to be performed on the prototypes Jeanne F Spellman 2018-07-20
ACTION-196 (edit) open Send out an email to the cg looking for ux people Jeanne F Spellman 2018-07-24
ACTION-197 (edit) open Create a list of heuristics Charles Hall 2018-12-11
ACTION-199 (edit) open Write a proposal for technology neutral sicne we have solved that since we wrote the first version of requirements Jeanne F Spellman 2019-02-19
ACTION-202 (edit) open Work on clarifying the wording of design principle 9 for tuesday. Jan McSorley 2019-05-03
ACTION-203 (edit) open (with rachael) to take the anxiety disorder needs of multimodal content to coga. Jeanne F Spellman 2019-08-16
ACTION-204 (edit) open Will take on migration of 1.2.1, 1.2.8 and 1.2.9 to silver. Charles Hall 2019-08-27

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