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COGA - Internationalization Subgroup


Ensure that the next version of Making Content Usable for People with Cognitive and Learning Disabilities resolves the issues raised by the internationalization working group. Our workflow will include specifics on how we will enlist feedback and additional suggestions from W3C's language enablement groups and groups outside of W3C.

Conference Call Information

After the main Coga call every third week - see Subgroups for the schedule

To Do's

KPI: Solutions, negotiated with internalization are included in new editors draft

  • Proposed KPI 1 (but would occur 1st, or in parallel)
    • begin to discuss upcoming KPI on internationalization with the internationalization group.
    • Begin a review the Internationalization group’s process for work
  • Proposed KPI 2
    • Begin to develop a workflow for COGA that considers the Internationalization group’s process to make information understandable for multiple languages and cultures
  • Proposed KPI 3
    • Draft solutions (example: whether or how making Content Usable will address more languages),
  • Proposed KPI 4
    • discuss our proposed solutions with the Internationalization group