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To do: Write a short overview of the group to give readers a sense of context

Cognitive functions

To do: Identify cognitive functions affected by this condition


To do: Give a list of symptoms

Their challenges

To do: Add how symptoms result in challenges for this group

Some persona with use case that address key challenges

To do: Add persona and scenario

To do: Add table of ICT Steps and challenges.

Step Challenge

How they use the web and ICT to include: Email, apps, voice systems, IM

To do: Add table.

Task Description

How people with cognitive disabilities use optimized content and special pages

To do: Add examples with descriptions of features

Characteristics of content optimized for this group

To do: Add descriptions of key features and how it helps users overcome challenges

Specific technologies (reference section bellow and how they use it differently)

To do: Add section

Summary Existing research and guidelines

To do: Add literary summary and insert guidelines and or references

Extent to which current needs are met

   To do: Review challenges and describe where needs are met. Identify gaps 

Potentials and possibilities

To do: Add ideas for filling gaps 


To do: Add section 

References to research.

 To do: Add section