CSUN 2020 conference

From Cognitive Accessibility Task Force

Task force members will be giving presentations at CSUN 2020 and taking part in various W3C WAI meetings before the official programme starts.

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Relevant Sessions

  • Creating Design Patterns for People with Cognitive Disabilities - Rachael Bradley Montgomery, Lisa Seeman, Steve Lee, Roy Ran
  • Cognitive Accessibility Crash Course and WCAG .2 Update - David Fazio
  • Neuro-Cognitive Usability Studies, A How To Guide - David Fazio
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 and Beyond - Michael Cooper, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Alastair Campbell
  • Digital Accessibility: Expanding to Under-resourced Regions - Judy Brewer
  • Making Audio and Video Media Accessible – W3C WAI Guidance - Shawn Lawton Henry & Brent Bakken
  • Open Curricula and Online Course on Web Accessibility - Shadi Abou-Zahra, Daniel
  • Emerging technologies: Finding accessibility gaps - Joshue O Connor
  • Respecting User Preferences on the Web - Eric Eggert
  • Amplifying your accessibility with better authoring tools - Hidde de Vries