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COGA Resolutions

Process document at [COGA_Resolution_Processes]

2023 Resolutions

Additional research sources will be stored in a database with information on the patterns and issue paper that are affected. We will also keep a google doc for people who prefer to just write it there. We will keep a tracker for the defirent issue papers

The updated and new issue papers will be published as modules. Old issue papers can be referenced in an editors note, and possibily via a wiki page. They can must be marked as out of date. (They may be updated and published as separate modules at a later date. ) See: and

2021 Resolutions

  • Publish Content Usable 12 March 2021 [Email]

Key Resolutions ( Older - were on the home page)

  1. Name officially needs to include LD or CLL
  2. Term needed for "recommendations" in roadmap as "recommendations" is a reserved word in the W3C. (Suggestion: Proposals and/or Principles)
  3. Helping users improving skills is out of scope but useful for outreach
  4. we will use the term 'intellectual disabilities' rather than just use terms such as Down Syndrome or other specific types of intellectual disability
  5. We are avoiding the phrase ICT with other, Web related terms intellectual disability such as Down Syndrome.
  6. We are using the term intellectual disability rather then specific type of
  7. We can resolve small issues on the calls. Larger resolutions need to be approved on our list. We expect people to bring up opposition to resolution within 48 hours.
  8. Criteria by which we decide what research to accept:Due to practical constraints most research will simply be cited and not examined for credibility. However the following cases will rely on task force consensuses before inclusion:
    1. Commercial research that implies the use of a specific proprietary product will be examined for scientific credibility before being included
    2. Research where the task force is aware of contradictory evidence (including anecdotal) will be examined for scientific credibility before being included.

Links for evaluating what scientific research is good (or not):

  1. we have discussed a few times changing our name. There is a huge problem with localization.

The task force name should contain LD, but disabilities may be replaced for impairments or challenges.