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Name Nicknames
Jake Abma
Shadi Abou-Zahra
Jim Allan
Jonathan Avila Jon
Tom Babinszki
Michael Cooper MichaelC, MNC
Detlev Fischer Detlev, DF
John Foliot JF, John, John_Foliot
Alistair Garrison AG, agarrison
Marc Johlic marcj, marcjohlic, mjohlic, MKJ
Andrew Kirkpatrick awk
Patrick Lauke
David MacDonald David_MacDonald, dmd
Chris McMeeking
Kimberly Patch kim, KimPatch, KP
Melanie Philipp
Mike Pluke
Jeanne F Spellman JFS
Jatin Vaishnav
Kathleen Wahlbin Kathy, kw

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