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ACTION-17 (edit) open Research a table of pt values vs. viewing distance Jan Richards 2014-07-18
ACTION-18 (edit) open Look at mwbp re: text resize Gavin Evans 2014-07-18
ACTION-24 (edit) open Write an proposal on the importance of the keyboard for a range of other devices. Mike Shebanek 2015-03-19
ACTION-33 (edit) open Add "measured on the screen" and that it applies when that control is trhe only way to do something to 2.5.4 touch target size Jan Richards 2015-12-24
ACTION-34 (edit) open Write fm002 Marc Johlic 2016-02-25
ACTION-35 (edit) open Write fm003 Chris McMeeking 2016-02-25
ACTION-36 (edit) open Write fm004 Marc Johlic 2016-02-25
ACTION-37 (edit) open Write fm005 Marc Johlic 2016-02-25
ACTION-38 (edit) open Write m028 Jonathan Avila 2016-02-25
ACTION-45 (edit) open Create definitions for 2.5.3 David MacDonald 2016-04-07
ACTION-46 (edit) open Make a proposal to the wiki and send to the list to address the concerns about assistive technology in 2.5.3 David MacDonald 2016-04-07
ACTION-51 (edit) open Blog item on keyboard shortcuts on ios and android and send us the link Chris McMeeking 2016-05-12
ACTION-53 (edit) open Try and come up with some non-pointer/pointer/fancy touch definition Patrick Lauke 2016-06-23
ACTION-54 (edit) open Take first stab at generalising https://www.w3.org/wai/gl/mobile-a11y-tf/wiki/guideline_2.6:_make_it_easier_to_use_the_physical_features_of_the_phone.#proposed_guideline_2.6 in light of his proposal Patrick Lauke 2016-06-23
ACTION-56 (edit) open Write one technique that covers items under 1.3.1 Patrick Lauke 2017-02-02
ACTION-57 (edit) open Draft addition to understanding document 1.3.2 about meaningful sequence for different viewport Kathleen Wahlbin 2017-02-02
ACTION-58 (edit) open Draft understanding addition for 1.3.3 additional hint on location Kathleen Wahlbin 2017-02-02
ACTION-59 (edit) open Write new technique, 1.4.4, on page controls Chris McMeeking 2017-02-02
ACTION-60 (edit) open Write up technique under no keyboard trap 2.1.1 Chris McMeeking 2017-02-02
ACTION-61 (edit) open Write 2.1.1 note Patrick Lauke 2017-02-02
ACTION-62 (edit) open Explore possibility of including technique/note about the use of placeholder as the only way of labeling 2.4.6 Patrick Lauke 2017-02-09
ACTION-63 (edit) open At least contribute to m001 under 2.4.7 Patrick Lauke 2017-02-09
ACTION-64 (edit) open Create separate disclosure widget technique for mobile Jonathan Avila 2017-03-02
ACTION-65 (edit) open Do research on accessible hiding to determine what and where we should at about that Kathleen Wahlbin 2017-03-16
ACTION-66 (edit) open Write technique on accessible hiding Chris McMeeking 2017-03-16
ACTION-67 (edit) open Set up wiki page for going through wcag 2.0 to point out subtle language that might imply desktop and suggest changes so that it's inclusive to mobile Kimberly Patch 2017-03-16
ACTION-68 (edit) open Send proposal for spacing between touch targets to low-vision task force for feedback Kimberly Patch 2019-01-31
ACTION-69 (edit) open Research custom gestures breaking webpage at Chris McMeeking 2019-01-31
ACTION-70 (edit) open See where voice recognition authentication applications are Kathleen Wahlbin 2019-01-31
ACTION-71 (edit) open Also reach out about where voice recognition authentication applications are Shadi Abou-Zahra 2019-01-31
ACTION-72 (edit) open Send question to low-vision and coga Kimberly Patch 2019-02-07

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