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The user can change the style of text (italic, bold, normal, etc.) to any other style or to any other font family and style that is available to the user agent.

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Level AA

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Principle 1, Guideline 1.4


Simply Put: You don't have to read any font style you don't like. You can change it to something that is easy for you to read. Example: If italics are hard to read, you can change them to a font you can read, like Currier New. You can still read the emphasized text, and if the main font is something like Verdana, the emphasized text still stands out.


For some people, it is difficult to read text that is all italicized or underlined. For some people, bold text is easier to read.

This user need applies to blocks of text, not individual words or phrases...

User Need - Style: Users can change the text style (underline, italic, bold) of blocks of text.

Source: Accessibility Requirements for People with Low Vision, Section 3.3.3 Text Style


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