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Requirements and Changelog for Promotional Campaign to Web Development Course Instructors

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About Promotional Campaign Course Instructors

Purpose, Goals, Objectives

Get instructors of Web development courses to include accessibility well. Focus on introducing accessibility to instructors who aren't aware of it, rather than addressing complex issues for instructors already including accessibility.


Instructors for all types of courses:

Some specific targets:

Note that this is relevant to the following personas:


"Push" info about existing resources to target audiences. Maintain a page focused for instructors and promote it via an engaging e-mail to networks. Consider multiple methods, e.g., additional wave of e-mails, newsletter articles, or such—within very limited scope (e.g., put new highlights in revised emails). Working title for resource page: Integrating Web Accessibility in Courses


Current focus is on pointing to existing resources. May develop new content within the pointer page itself more later.


Open Issues

Promotion Venues

Promotion venues where course instructors frequent: e.g., e-mail lists? newsletters? blogs? conference handouts? other?

Note: This list is targeting instructors who are not already integrating accessibility. Some related to accessibility are in 17 Nov minutes.


Change Requests and Edit Notes

Note: See "References" section above for meeting minutes and e-mail comments.

08 December 2006

For discussion: e-mail subject or newsletter blurb headline. brainstorms:

  1. Materials for including accessibility in web instruction
  2. Materials for including accessibility in web courses
  3. Materials for covering accessibility in your web course
  4. Resources for including accessibility in your Web courses
  5. Web accessibility resources for Web instructors
  6. Web accessibility resources for Web development course instructors
  7. For Web course instructors: Accessibility materials

17 November 2006