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Beginners Lexicon Task Force of EOWG Work Statement

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Status: Approved in EOWG meeting 19 November 2004


The Beginners Lexicon Task Force of EOWG operates under the EOWG charter.

The objective of the Task Force of EOWG is to:


WAI Beginners Lexicon Task Force of EOWG communications are publicly visible. Communication mechanisms for the Task Force include:


Task Force participants must be participants in good standing of the EOWG, and must actively contribute to the work of the Task Force, including:


Beginners Lexicon Task Force participants are:

  1. Andrew Arch, Accessible Information Solutions / National Information and Library Service (AU)
  2. Harvey Bingham, Accessibility Consultant (US)
  3. Helle Bjarnø,  Videncenter for Synshandicap / Visual Impairment Information Centre (DK)
  4. Libby Cohen, ALLTech, University of Southern Maine (US)
  5. Wayne Dick, California State University (US)
  6. Sylvie Duchateau, Braillenet (FR)
  7. Shawn Lawton Henry (W3C/WAI, MIT), W3C team contact
  8. Natasha Lipkina, Hewlett-Packard (US)
  9. Pasquale Popolizio (IT)
  10. Henk Snetselaar, Bartiméus-Accessibility Foundation (NL), facilitator
  11. Carol J. Smith, Kognitive (US)