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This page contains material related to a presentation at the Web Accessibility Best Practices Evaluation Training in Paris, France in July 2004. It is not intended to stand-alone; rather, it is primarily provided as reference material for participants in the training.


Shadi Abou-Zahra, W3C/WAI

Last updated: 23 July 2004


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Web Accessibility Initiative

Web Accessibility Initiative

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WAI-TIES Best Practices Exchange

WAI-TIES BPE Paris, 6 July 2004

Important Disclaimer


In this one-day training there is not enough time to cover all the checkpoints in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG 1.0) but the presenters have instead chosen a subset of checkpoints which are suitable to use in a hands-on setting.

Please note that the aim of this evaluation training is to introduce different possibilities on evaluating the conformance of example pages to some of the checkpoints from WCAG 1.0 and not to cover a full conformance evaluation as described in Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility.

Evaluation Tools

To effectively present the implication of certain checkpoints, the presenters might use several tools; sometimes to cover the same checkpoint. W3C/WAI does not endorse any of these tools or require their use in order to conduct a Web accessibility evaluation review. There are many different type of tools which can be used to assist the evaluation review, the Evaluation and Repair Tools Working Group (ERT-WG) maintains a list of evaluation, repair and transformation tools.

Please note that no evaluation tool can currently fully determine the accessibility of a Web site. Evaluating the conformance of a Web site is a process in which tools can assist the reviewers if they are used correctly.

Web Sites

During the sessions, the presenters will provide several exercises for the participants to carry out. While some of these exercises will be conducted on prepared sample pages, others will be conducted on example Web sites. W3C/WAI does not endorse any of these Web sites or claim any accessibility evaluation conformance of them. Any evaluation results collected during the sessions are not to be used by any of the participants outside the context of the BPE Training at any circumstances.