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Techniques for Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines 1.0

Working Draft 8 March 2002

Section 7: Implementation Techniques for ATAG 1.0 Guideline 7 (Ensure that the authoring tool is accessible to authors with disabilities)

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Charles McCathieNevile

ATAG Checkpoint 7.1: Use all applicable operating system and accessibility standards and conventions (Priority 1 for standards and conventions that are essential to accessibility; Priority 2 for those that are important to accessibility; Priority 3 for those that are beneficial to accessibility).


Markup tools technique Multimedia tools technique Content tools technique Programming tools technique The techniques for this checkpoint include references to checklists and guidelines for a number of platforms and to general guidelines for accessible applications. This list does not cover all requirements for all platforms, and items may not apply to some software. In addition, not all of the guidelines and checklists for application accessibility are prioritized according to their impact on accessibility. For instance, the priorities in "The Microsoft Windows Guidelines for Accessible Software Design" [MS-SOFTWARE] are partially determined by a logo requirement program. Therefore, developers may need to compare the documents they are using to other UAAG 1.0 [UAAG10] that has a priority system that is directly compatible with the priorities in [ATAG10]. Also, when user interfaces are built as Web content, they should follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 [WCAG10]. (Highly Recommended) @@Use of "Highly Recommended"?@@


ATAG Checkpoint 7.2: Allow the author to change the presentation within editing views without affecting the document markup. [Priority 1]

This allows the author to edit the document according to personal requirements, without changing the way the document is rendered when published.


ATAG Checkpoint 7.3: Allow the author to edit all properties of each element and object in an accessible fashion. [Priority 1]


ATAG Checkpoint 7.4: Ensure that the editing view allows navigation via the structure of the document in an accessible fashion. [Priority 1]


ATAG Checkpoint 7.5: Enable editing of the structure of the document in an accessible fashion. [Priority 2]


ATAG Checkpoint 7.6: Allow the author to search within editing views. [Priority 2]


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