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Techniques for Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines 1.0

Working Draft 24 November 2001

Section 3: Implementation Techniques for ATAG 1.0 Guideline 3 (Support the creation of accessible content)

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ATAG Checkpoint 3.1: Prompt the author to provide equivalent alternative information (e.g., captions, auditory descriptions, and collated text transcripts for video). [Relative Priority]


ATAG Checkpoint 3.2: Help the author create structured content and separate information from its presentation. [Relative Priority] @@THIS CHECKPOINT NEEDS WORK@@


ATAG Checkpoint 3.3: Ensure that prepackaged content conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 [WCAG10]. [Relative Priority]

Note: Prepackaged content refers to images, multimedia, applets, scripts, etc. Markup content is considered under templates (ATAG checkpoint 1.4). Including pre-written descriptions for all multimedia files (e.g., clip-art) packaged with the tool will save authors time and effort, cause a significant number of professionally written descriptions to circulate on the Web, provide authors with convenient models to emulate when they write their own descriptions, and show authors the importance of description writing.


ATAG Checkpoint 3.4: Do not automatically generate equivalent alternatives. Do not reuse previously authored alternatives without author confirmation, except when the function is known with certainty. [Priority 1]


ATAG 3.5 Provide functionality for managing, editing, and reusing alternative equivalents for multimedia objects. [Priority 3] (Checkpoint 3.5)

Note: This checkpoint is priority 3 and is, therefore, not required to be implemented in order for a tool to conform to ATAG 1.0 at the single-A and double-AA levels. However, implementing this checkpoint has the potential to simplify the satisfaction of several higher priority checkpoints (ATAG checkpoint 3.1, ATAG checkpoint 3.2, and ATAG checkpoint 3.4) and improve the usability of the tool.


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