ISSUE-81: disambiguation of aria-dialog from HTML5's DIALOG element

aria-dialog vs. HTML5's DIALOG element

disambiguation of aria-dialog from HTML5's DIALOG element

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Gregory Rosmaita
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ISSUE: Currently, there is both an HTML5 element named dialog and an ARIA role named dialog. A concern has been raised that the use of such synonyms could be detrimental. The editor of the HTML5 draft, Ian Hickson, has publicly stated that he is willing to change the element's name, but also remarked that "dialog" was the best possible choice out of the many considered by the WHAT WG, and pondered the need for a "dialog box" element in HTML5 itself. It has, therefore, been proposed, that the aria role dialog retain the spelling "d i a l o g"; that the spelling "d i a l o g" be reserved in HTML5 for the concept of a "dialog box", thereby bringing ARIA and HTML5 into harmony; and that the HTML5 element currently named "d i a l o g" be changed to reflect the correct spelling for the semantic use for which the element is intended, "d i a l o g u e".

GJR's first proposal (aria-dialog and DIALOGUE element):

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1. "aria-dialog versus HTML5's DIALOG element:"

2. Proposal: D- A Single Letter Element Name

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raised at the 2008-12-03 PF weekly call

Gregory Rosmaita, 3 Dec 2008, 18:24:34

due to the negative impact a change on the ARIA role dialog would have on existing implementations, and since there are no known implementations of
HTML5's DIALOG [sic] element, it has been proposed that ARIA keep "d i a l o g"
and that HTML5 change the name of the DIALOG [sic] element;

to this end, a proposal to rename DIALOG to D and to extend the concept to
XHTML2, a new wiki document has been created to explore the issues and
requirements for a D element:

1. Proposal: D - A Single Letter Element Name for Dialogue

2. D - A Single Letter Element Name Discussion Page:

Gregory Rosmaita, 8 Dec 2008, 13:40:38

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