ISSUE-71: The CAPTCHA note is obsolete; we should update it


The CAPTCHA note is obsolete; we should update it

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Matthew May
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Matt pointed out that the 'arms race' goes on and the unusability of CAPTCHAs that actually defeat malware attacks has reached the point of failure even for the TAB user.

Discussed on 13 August 2008 with a resolution to start work on a refresh in October 2008, on or around the F2F at the TPAC.

Consult the notes for some people who volunteered to help.
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this issue is associated with ACTION-294
also assigned to Matt Morgan-May

there is a PF/XTech wiki page devoted to updating the CAPTCHA document:

wherein CAPTCHA discussions with developers, spanning the past 2 years, are listed, along with "new information"

Gregory Rosmaita, 21 Oct 2008, 06:27:07


15 Apr 2009, 16:38:33

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