ACTION-2009: Review media capture depth stream extensions

Review media capture depth stream extensions

Fred Esch
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February 10, 2016
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February 3, 2016
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Spec reviews
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I don't think we have any accessibility concerns with this document.

However, the depth stream technology could become an important tool for accessibility as it has the potential to act as a guide for non sighted or low vision users. And we should follow how this technology is rolled out.

In the mid 1980's Wild Herrbrugg created 3D mapping systems using theodolites and electronic distance measurement (EDM) instruments that created the capability to map objects at the sub-millimeter level. A typical application is to map the surface of an aircraft to see if the tiny irregularities in the skin will affect flying, fuel economy or show signs of fatigue (ie have tiny cracks). To do this, they set up multiple theodolites mated with EDMs around the aircraft and have a laser walk across the surface of the aircraft. The theodolites are programmed to track the laser and the EDMs record the distances. A 3D point is space is calculated using triangulation for each epoch (point in time). The collection of 3D points produces an incredibly accurate (sub-millimeter) 3D model.

Potential for accessibility
If this technology becomes available in user affordable mobile devices, a non sighted or low vision user could use it to navigate known 3D spaces such as subway stations where GPS is unavailable. The technology could make navigation and boarding public transportation safer. You could also use this technology to navigate with GPS in areas with simple maps or use without GPS to avoid/find objects. There is also potential to use this capability in small areas like - finding something on a desktop.

Fred Esch, 3 Feb 2016, 20:15:41

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