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First WAI-ACT Open Meeting
14 February 2012, Brussels, Belgium

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WAI-ACT Project invited web accessibility practitioners, researchers, and users to participate in the WAI-ACT Open Meeting to:

We encouraged participation from people interested in:

We particularly invited participants involved in relevant projects, initiatives, and activities with interest in expanded cooperation in Europe and internationally on the development of accessibility solutions.



The WAI-ACT Project is designed to build upon and expand W3C/WAI cooperation mechanisms to help address the need for expanded European and international cooperation on the development of accessibility solutions for people with disabilities. See the WAI-ACT project deliverables for information on WAI-ACT work.


WAI-ACT staff presented on-going and planned project developments, highlighting particular points of discussion. Participants were invited to provide input on potential future directions. We particularly welcomed suggestions on potential collaborations with relevant projects, initiatives, and activities in Europe.

The following times are in CET:

See also: presentation slides in simple HTML and slidy formats


The meeting was held in the Brussels offices of Nordrhein-Westfalen:

Rue Montoyer 47
1000 Brussels, Belgium


There was no charge for participation in this event. Registration closed.


This meeting was organized by participants of the WAI-ACT Project. Contact Shadi Abou-Zahra (Scientific Coordinator) with questions.