I. List of Elements

This appendix is informative.

This appendix will contain a list of elements defined in this specification, sorted in alphabetical order, with some other relevant information and links to the element definitions.

Element NameModuleDescription
aXHTML Hypertext ModuleDefine an anchor or a link
abbrXHTML Text ModuleAn abbreviation
accessXHTML Access ModuleDefine an accessibility mapping to an element
actionXML Handlers ModuleNo title
actionXForms ModuleXForms Action
addEventListenerXML Handlers ModuleNo title
addressXHTML Structural ModuleDefine an address
blockcodeXHTML Structural ModuleDefine a block of computer code
blockquoteXHTML Structural ModuleDefine a large quotation
bodyXHTML Document ModuleContent of the document
brXHTML Text ModuleA line break
captionXHTML Caption ModuleSet the caption for a table
citeXHTML Text ModuleA citation
codeXHTML Text ModuleA code fragment
colXHTML Tables ModuleDefine attributes for a column
colgroupXHTML Tables ModuleDefine attributes for a group of columns
ddXHTML List ModuleDefinition Data
delXHTML Legacy Edit ModuleIndicate something was deleted
deleteXForms ModuleXForms Delete
dfnXHTML Text ModuleA definition
diXHTML List ModuleDefinition Item
dispatchEventXML Handlers ModuleNo title
dispatchXForms ModuleXForms Dispatch
divXHTML Structural ModuleDefine the characteristics of a block
dlXHTML List ModuleDefinition List
dtXHTML List ModuleDefinition Term
emXHTML Text ModuleEmphasis
groupXForms ModuleXForms element group
headXHTML Document ModuleDocument metadata
headingXHTML Structural ModuleSet a heading
htmlXHTML Document ModuleDocument root
imgXHTML Image ModuleIncorporate an image
inputXForms ModuleXForms Input
insXHTML Legacy Edit ModuleIndicate something was inserted
insertXForms ModuleXForms Insert
kbdXHTML Text ModuleUser input
lXHTML Text ModuleA line of text
legacyheadingsXHTML Legacy Headings ModuleSet a heading
liXHTML List ModuleList item
XHTML Metainformation ModuleA link to another resource
listenerXML Events ModuleEvent listener
loadXForms ModuleXForms Load
messageXForms ModuleXForms Message
metaXHTML Metainformation ModuleMeta information
modelXForms ModuleXForms Model
objectXHTML Object ModuleExternal object
olXHTML List ModuleOrdered list
outputXForms ModuleXForms Output
pXHTML Structural ModuleDefine a paragraph
paramXHTML Object ModuleParameter for external object
preXHTML Structural ModuleDefine a preformatted block
preventDefaultXML Handlers ModuleNo title
qXHTML Text ModuleA quotation
rangeXForms ModuleXForms range definition
rebuildXForms ModuleXForms Rebuild
recalculateXForms ModuleXForms Recalculate
refreshXForms ModuleXForms Refresh
removeEventListenerXML Handlers ModuleNo title
repeatXForms ModuleXForms repeating group
resetXForms ModuleXForms Reset
revalidateXForms ModuleXForms Revalidate
rubyRuby ModuleRuby Annotation
sampXHTML Text ModuleSample output
scriptXML Scripting ModuleNo title
secretXForms ModuleXForms Secret Input
sectionXHTML Structural ModuleDefine a section of a document
select1XForms ModuleXForms single select
selectXForms ModuleXForms multiple select
sendXForms ModuleXForms Send
separatorXHTML Structural ModuleInsert a break in a document
setfocusXForms ModuleXForms Setfocus
setindexXForms ModuleXForms Index
setvalueXForms ModuleXForms Setvalue
spanXHTML Text ModuleDefine characteristics of text
standbyXHTML Object ModuleMessage to render while loading object
stopPropagationXML Handlers ModuleNo title
strongXHTML Text ModuleStrong emphasis
styleXHTML Style Sheet ModuleDefinition of style rules
subXHTML Text ModuleA subscript
submitXForms ModuleXForms submit
summaryXHTML Tables ModuleSet the summary for a table
supXHTML Text ModuleA superscript
switchXForms ModuleXForms selection
tableXHTML Tables ModuleDefine a table
tbodyXHTML Tables ModuleDefine the body for a table
tdXHTML Tables ModuleDefine a table cell
textareaXForms ModuleXForms Textarea
tfootXHTML Tables ModuleDefine the footer for a table
thXHTML Tables ModuleDefine a table header
theadXHTML Tables ModuleDefine the heading for a table
titleXHTML Document ModuleTitle for document
trXHTML Tables ModuleDefine a table row
triggerXForms ModuleXForms trigger
ulXHTML List ModuleUnordered list
uploadXForms ModuleXForms file upload
varXHTML Text ModuleA variable