32. XML Events Module


This section is normative for purposes of defining the integration of XML Events into XHTML 2. The semantics of XML Events itself is normatively defined in [XMLEVENTS].

This module includes the listener element as defined in [XMLEVENTS]. As permitted by XML Events 2, this element is incorporated into the XHTML namespace.

32.1. Events

This module defines the Events Attribute Collection via the global attributes from [XMLEVENTS]. The normative definition of those attributes and their semantics is included in that specification. Their names and datatypes are listed below:

Attributes Notes
event * (QNames)  
observer (IDREFS)  
eventTarget (IDREFS)  
handler (URI)  
phase ("bubble" | "capture" | "default"* | "target")  
propagate ("stop" | "continue"*)  
defaultAction (cancel|perform*)  

RelaxNG, XML Schema