J. List of Attributes

This appendix is informative.

Attribute NameModuleDescription
abbrXHTML Tables ModuleAbbreviated form
aboutXHTML Metainformation Attributes ModuleDefine which resource that has a specified property
activateXHTML Access ModuleDefine action when access target obtains focus
archiveXHTML Object ModuleDefine list of object archives
axisXHTML Tables ModuleDefine a category for a cell
charsetXML Scripting ModuleIndicate the expected encoding of the remote resource
citeXHTML Hypertext Attributes ModuleSet the URI for a citation
classXHTML Core Attributes ModuleSet the class of an element
colspanXHTML Tables ModuleSet the number of columns a table cell should span
content-lengthXHTML Object ModuleIndicate the size of a link's target
contentXHTML Metainformation Attributes ModuleSet the content for metadata
coordsXHTML Image Map Attributes ModuleDefine coordinates for am element
datatypeXHTML Metainformation Attributes ModuleIndicate the datatype of external metadata
datetimeXHTML Edit Attributes ModuleDefine date and time
declareXHTML Object ModuleIndicate that an object should only be loaded
defaultActionXML Events ModuleIndicate the default action for the event
deferXML Scripting ModuleIndicate processing of contents should be defered
dirXHTML Bi-directional Text Attribute ModuleDefine the direction of text
disabledXHTML Style Sheet ModuleIndicate that an item is disabled
editXHTML Edit Attributes ModuleIndicate how an item was edited
encodingXHTML Embedding Attributes ModuleDefine the encoding of an external source
eventTargetXML Events ModuleSet the id on which the event is monitored
eventXML Events ModuleSet the event type
fullXHTML Text ModuleRefer to the full version of an abbreviation
handlerXML Events ModuleSpecify the handler method for an event
headersXHTML Tables ModuleDefine the header cells that relate to this cell
hrefXHTML Hypertext Attributes ModuleDefine a URI target when the element is activated
hreflangXHTML Hypertext Attributes ModuleIndicate the base language of the target
hrefmediaXHTML Hypertext Attributes ModuleIndicate the target media of an href attribute
hreftypeXHTML Hypertext Attributes ModuleIndicate the content type of an href attribute
idXHTML Core Attributes ModuleDefine the ID for the element
implementsXML Scripting ModuleIndication of what a script implements
ismapXHTML Image Map Attributes ModuleIndicate whether this is an imagemap
its:translateXHTML I18N Attribute ModuleShould an element be translated
keyXHTML Access ModuleDefine a shortcut key
layoutXHTML Core Attributes ModuleIndicate whether whitespace is relevant
mediaXHTML Access ModuleDefine the applicable media
mediaXHTML Media Attribute ModuleDefine the applicable media
mediaXHTML Style Sheet ModuleDefine the applicable media
nameXHTML Object ModuleSet the name of an applet parameter
nextfocusXHTML Hypertext Attributes ModuleDefine the order in which this control is accessed
observerXML Events ModuleSet the observer for an event
orderXHTML Access ModuleDefine navigation order method
phaseXML Events ModuleSpecify the phase in which the event is tracked
prevfocusXHTML Hypertext Attributes ModuleDefine the order in which this control is accessed
profileXHTML Document ModuleDefine the location of the metadata profiles
propagateXML Events ModuleIndicate whether the event should continue to propagate
propertyXHTML Metainformation Attributes ModuleIndicate the property being defined
relXHTML Metainformation Attributes ModuleDefine the relationship to the target
resourceXHTML Metainformation Attributes ModuleDefine the resource a property is related to
revXHTML Metainformation Attributes ModuleDefine the relationship from the target to subject
roleXHTML Role Attribute ModuleDefine the role of this element
rowspanXHTML Tables ModuleDefine the number of rows a cell spans
scopeXHTML Tables ModuleDefine the scope of a header
shapeXHTML Image Map Attributes ModuleDefine the shape of a map
spanXHTML Tables ModuleDefine the number of columns a colgroup spans
srcXHTML Embedding Attributes ModuleDefine the URI for an external source for the element
srctypeXHTML Embedding Attributes ModuleIndicate the content type of a src attribute
styleXHTML Style Attribute ModuleSet the style to use on the element
targetXHTML Hypertext Attributes ModuleSet the target window for a link
targetidXHTML Access ModuleDefine the target element for an event
targetroleXHTML Access ModuleDefine the target role(s) for an access key
titleXHTML Core Attributes ModuleSet the title for an element
typeXHTML Object ModuleDefine the type of a referenced value element
typeofXHTML Metainformation Attributes ModuleDefine the RDF type of metadata
usemapXHTML Image Map Attributes ModuleSet the name of an image map to use
valueXHTML List ModuleSet the value for a list item
valueXHTML Object ModuleSet the value for an applet parameter
valuetypeXHTML Object ModuleSet the type of an applet value
versionXHTML Document ModuleSet the XHTML document version
xml:baseXHTML Hypertext Attributes ModuleSet the base URI for the element
xml:idXHTML Core Attributes ModuleDefine the ID for the element
xml:langXHTML I18N Attribute ModuleSet the language of the element
xsi:schemaLocationXHTML Document ModuleSet the location for an XML Schema