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4.7.5 Edits and lists

This section is non-normative.

The content models of the ol and ul elements do not allow ins and del elements as children. Lists always represent all their items, including items that would otherwise have been marked as deleted.

To indicate that an item is inserted or deleted, an ins or del element can be wrapped around the contents of the li element. To indicate that an item has been replaced by another, a single li element can have one or more del elements followed by one or more ins elements.

In the following example, a list that started empty had items added and removed from it over time. The bits in the example that have been emphasized show the parts that are the "current" state of the list. The list item numbers don't take into account the edits, though.

<h1>Stop-ship bugs</h1>
 <li><ins datetime="2008-02-12T15:20Z">Bug 225:
 Rain detector doesn't work in snow</ins></li>
 <li><del datetime="2008-03-01T20:22Z"><ins datetime="2008-02-14T12:02Z">Bug 228:
 Water buffer overflows in April</ins></del></li>
 <li><ins datetime="2008-02-16T13:50Z">Bug 230:
 Water heater doesn't use renewable fuels</ins></li>
 <li><del datetime="2008-02-20T21:15Z"><ins datetime="2008-02-16T14:25Z">Bug 232:
 Carbon dioxide emissions detected after startup</ins></del></li>

In the following example, a list that started with just fruit was replaced by a list with just colors.

<h1>List of <del>fruits</del><ins>colors</ins></h1>

4.7.6 Edits and tables

This section is non-normative.

The elements that form part of the table model have complicated content model requirements that do not allow for the ins and del elements, so indicating edits to a table can be difficult.

To indicate that an entire row or an entire column has been added or removed, the entire contents of each cell in that row or column can be wrapped in ins or del elements (respectively).

Here, a table's row has been added:

  <tr> <th> Game name           <th> Game publisher   <th> Verdict
  <tr> <td> Diablo 2            <td> Blizzard         <td> 8/10
  <tr> <td> Portal              <td> Valve            <td> 10/10
  <tr> <td> <ins>Portal 2</ins> <td> <ins>Valve</ins> <td> <ins>10/10</ins>

Here, a column has been removed (the time at which it was removed is given also, as is a link to the page explaining why):

  <tr> <th> Game name           <th> Game publisher   <th> <del cite="/edits/r192" datetime="2011-05-02 14:23Z">Verdict</del>
  <tr> <td> Diablo 2            <td> Blizzard         <td> <del cite="/edits/r192" datetime="2011-05-02 14:23Z">8/10</del>
  <tr> <td> Portal              <td> Valve            <td> <del cite="/edits/r192" datetime="2011-05-02 14:23Z">10/10</del>
  <tr> <td> Portal 2            <td> Valve            <td> <del cite="/edits/r192" datetime="2011-05-02 14:23Z">10/10</del>

Generally speaking, there is no good way to indicate more complicated edits (e.g. that a cell was removed, moving all subsequent cells up or to the left).

4.8 Embedded content