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W3C Working Draft 26 July 2006

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Jonny Axelsson, Opera Software
Mark Birbeck, x-port.net
Micah Dubinko, Invited Expert
Beth Epperson, Websense
Masayasu Ishikawa, W3C
Shane McCarron, Applied Testing and Technology
Ann Navarro, WebGeek, Inc.
Steven Pemberton, CWI (HTML Working Group Chair)

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XHTML 2 is a general-purpose markup language designed for representing documents for a wide range of purposes across the World Wide Web. To this end it does not attempt to be all things to all people, supplying every possible markup idiom, but to supply a generally useful set of elements.

Status of This Document

This section describes the status of this document at the time of its publication. Other documents may supersede this document. A list of current W3C publications and the latest revision of this technical report can be found in the W3C technical reports index at http://www.w3.org/TR/.

This document is the eighth public Working Draft of this specification. It should in no way be considered stable, and should not be normatively referenced for any purposes whatsoever. This version includes an early implementation of XHTML 2.0 in RELAX NG [RELAXNG], but does not include the implementations in DTD or XML Schema form. Those will be included in subsequent versions, once the content of this language stabilizes.

Formal issues and error reports on this specification shall be submitted to www-html-editor@w3.org (archive). It is inappropriate to send discussion email to this address. Public discussion may take place on www-html@w3.org (archive). To subscribe send an email to www-html-request@w3.org with the word subscribe in the subject line.

This document has been produced by the W3C HTML Working Group (members only) as part of the W3C HTML Activity. The goals of the HTML Working Group are discussed in the HTML Working Group charter.

This document was produced by a group operating under the 24 January 2002 CPP as amended by the W3C Patent Policy Transition Procedure. W3C maintains a public list of any patent disclosures made in connection with the deliverables of the group; that page also includes instructions for disclosing a patent. An individual who has actual knowledge of a patent which the individual believes contains Essential Claim(s) must disclose the information in accordance with section 6 of the W3C Patent Policy.

Publication as a Working Draft does not imply endorsement by the W3C Membership. This is a draft document and may be updated, replaced or obsoleted by other documents at any time. It is inappropriate to cite this document as other than work in progress.

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List of Issues

  1. [PR #7759] [XHTML2] Spirit of "1.1.3. XHTML 2 and Presentation"
  2. [PR #7723] On introducing a fallback attribute
  3. [PR #7777] [XHTML 2] Conforming documents and meta properties
  4. [PR #7791] Fw: [XHTML 2] Section 3.1.1
  5. [PR #7804] Comments on XHTML 2.0 document conformance requirements
  6. [PR #7808] Change XHTML 2.0 namespace to http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml
  7. [PR #7818] Namespace versioning problem in XHTML 2
  8. [PR #7819] Referance XML 1.1 and example with XML 1.1 declaration
  9. [PR #7336] Identifying XHTML version in ansence of DTDs
  10. [PR #7799] Fw: [XHTML 2] Section 5.5 quality values.
  11. [PR #7800] Fw: [XHTML 2] Section 5.5 intersection of mime-types
  12. [PR #7661] [XHTML2] Constraining attribute relationship
  13. Need a normative definition for the version attribute
  14. [PR #7820] [XHTML2] How are UAs to interpret <h> and <hx> elements?
  15. [PR #7830] [XHTML2] How are UAs to interpret <h> and <hx> elements?
  16. [PR #7874] block@kind vs elt@structure
  17. [PR #7875] redundant content model
  18. [PR #7877] headings -- numbered vs bare
  19. [PR #7876] PCData not in Text
  20. [PR #7882] XHTML 2.0: Text Module/<l> vs. <br /> element
  21. [PR #7885] RE: [ off list ] XHTML 2.0 - dfn : Content model and usability
  22. [PR #7663] [XHTML2] 11.3. The ol , and ul elements
  23. [PR #7867] Re: WD-xhtml2-20040722: Some navigation list requirements (IMHO)
  24. [PR #7872] attributes with no values
  25. [PR #7792] Fw: [XHTML 2] 13.1 Hypertext Attributes Module - nextfocus
  26. [PR #7883] Internationalization: translate attribute
  27. [PR #7783] [XHTML 2] 15 Bi-directional text collection and embedded attributes?
  28. [PR #7724] Re: Formal Response to My issue on styling embedding attributes.
  29. [PR #7730] 17 Embedding Attributes User aborted downloads.
  30. [PR #7731] 17 Embedding Attributes - Invalid XHTML 2 documents
  31. [PR #7732] [XHTML 2] 17.1 Encoding attribute
  32. [PR #7733] [XHTML 2] Embedding attributes and nextFocus
  33. [PR #7734] 17 Embedding Attributes Success/Failure status codes.
  34. [PR #7735] [XHTML 2] 17 Embedding Attributes - srcType
  35. [PR #7736] [XHTML 2] Embedding XHTML Resources Linking.
  36. [PR #7737] [XHTML 2] Embedded Resources containing links
  37. [PR #7738] [XHTML 2] Embedding Attributes Examples
  38. [PR #7739] [XHTML 2] 17 Clipping of embedded documents to viewport.
  39. [PR #7774] [XHTML 2] 17 Embedding Attributes
  40. [PR #7892] xhtml2 attributes type, srctype and hreftype
  41. [PR #7869] rebuild link element: chapter, section / subsection
  42. [PR #7870] RE: [BULK] - Re: [XHTML2] Spirit of "1.1.3. XHTML 2 and Presentation"
  43. [PR #7871] Re: [BULK] - Re: [XHTML2] Spirit of "1.1.3. XHTML 2 and Presentation"
  44. [PR #7828] Why no nested colgroup or rowgroup?
  45. [PR #7878] What is the scope of a header?
  46. [PR #7879] td/th scope attribute - rowgroup == (tbody, thead, tfoot)
  47. [PR #7881] nesting colgroup and rowgroups
  48. [PR #7826] [XHTML2] exclude switch and case as presentational
  49. [PR #7838] autocomplete attribute
  50. [PR #670] Entity management: do we still need it?
  51. [PR #671] Character entities: do we still need them?

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