J. List of Elements

This appendix is informative.

This appendix will contain a list of elements defined in this specification, sorted in alphabetical order, with some other relevant information and links to the element definitions.

Element Name Module Description
a XHTML Hypertext Module Define an anchor or a link
abbr XHTML Text Module An abbreviation
access XHTML Access Module Define an accessibility mapping to an element
action XForms Module XForms Action
address XHTML Structural Module Define an address
blockcode XHTML Structural Module Define a block of computer code
blockquote XHTML Structural Module Define a large quotation
body XHTML Document Module Content of the document
caption XHTML Tables Module Set the caption for a table
cite XHTML Text Module A citation
code XHTML Text Module A code fragment
col XHTML Tables Module Define attributes for a column
colgroup XHTML Tables Module Define attributes for a group of columns
dd XHTML List Module Definition Data
delete XForms Module XForms Delete
dfn XHTML Text Module A definition
di XHTML List Module Definition Item
dispatch XForms Module XForms Dispatch
div XHTML Structural Module Define the characteristics of a block
dl XHTML List Module Definition List
dt XHTML List Module Definition Term
em XHTML Text Module Emphasis
ev:listener XML Events Module Event listener
group XForms Module XForms element group
h XHTML Structural Module Structured heading
handler XHTML Handler Module Definition of a handler
head XHTML Document Module Document metadata
headings XHTML Structural Module Set a heading
html XHTML Document Module Document root
img XHTML Image Module Incorporate an image
input XForms Module XForms Input
insert XForms Module XForms Insert
kbd XHTML Text Module User input
l XHTML Text Module A line of text
label XHTML List Module A label for a list
li XHTML List Module List item
XHTML Metainformation Module A link to another resource
load XForms Module XForms Load
message XForms Module XForms Message
meta XHTML Metainformation Module Meta information
model XForms Module XForms Model
nl XHTML List Module Navigation list
object XHTML Object Module External object
ol XHTML List Module Ordered list
output XForms Module XForms Output
p XHTML Structural Module Define a paragraph
param XHTML Object Module Parameter for external object
pre XHTML Structural Module Define a preformatted block
q XHTML Text Module A quotation
range XForms Module XForms range definition
rebuild XForms Module XForms Rebuild
recalculate XForms Module XForms Recalculate
refresh XForms Module XForms Refresh
repeat XForms Module XForms repeating group
reset XForms Module XForms Reset
revalidate XForms Module XForms Revalidate
ruby Ruby Module Ruby Annotation
samp XHTML Text Module Sample output
secret XForms Module XForms Secret Input
section XHTML Structural Module Define a section of a document
select1 XForms Module XForms single select
select XForms Module XForms multiple select
send XForms Module XForms Send
separator XHTML Structural Module Insert a break in a document
setfocus XForms Module XForms Setfocus
setindex XForms Module XForms Index
setvalue XForms Module XForms Setvalue
span XHTML Text Module Define characteristics of text
standby XHTML Object Module Message to render while loading object
strong XHTML Text Module Strong emphasis
style XHTML Style Sheet Module Definition of style rules
sub XHTML Text Module A subscript
submit XForms Module XForms submit
summary XHTML Tables Module Set the summary for a table
sup XHTML Text Module A superscript
switch XForms Module XForms selection
table XHTML Tables Module Define a table
tbody XHTML Tables Module Define the body for a table
td XHTML Tables Module Define a table cell
textarea XForms Module XForms Textarea
tfoot XHTML Tables Module Define the footer for a table
th XHTML Tables Module Define a table header
thead XHTML Tables Module Define the heading for a table
title XHTML Document Module Title for document
tr XHTML Tables Module Define a table row
trigger XForms Module XForms trigger
ul XHTML List Module Unordered list
upload XForms Module XForms file upload
var XHTML Text Module A variable