20. XHTML Image Module


This section is normative.

The Image Module provides basic image embedding, and may be used in some implementations independently of client side image maps. The Image Module supports the following element and attributes:

Elements Attributes Content Model
img Common (PCDATA | Text)*

Implementation: RELAX NG

20.1. The img element


The Common collection
A collection of other attribute collections, including: Bi-directional, Core, Edit, Embedding, Events, Forms, Hypertext, I18N, Map, and Metainformation.

The img element is a holder for embedding attributes such as src. Since these attributes may be applied to any element, the img element is not strictly necessary, but is included to ease the transition to XHTML2. Like the object element, this element's content is only presented if the referenced resource is unavailable.

In the following example, the W3C logo would be presented if it were available. If it were unavailable, then the enclosed text would be presented.


<img src="W3C.png">W3C</img>