27. XForms Module


This section is informative.

The XForms Module provides a rich collection of forms features. It is defined in [XFORMS].

When the XFORMS module is included, the xforms:model element is added to the content model of the head element in the Document module.

The content model for this module defines a content set:

xforms:input | xforms:secret | xforms:textarea | xforms:output | xforms:upload | xforms:range | xforms:trigger | xforms:submit | xforms:select | xforms:select1 | xforms:group | xforms:switch | xforms:repeat

Note that by using the prefix xforms: this document is only demonstrating that the elements are in a different namespace, not that the prefix xforms: is required.

27.1. Forms Attribute Collection

This module also defines the Forms Attribute Collection via the some attributes from [XFORMS]. The normative definition of those attributes and their semantics is included in that specification. They are described briefly below:

repeat-model = IDREF
This attribute defines the XForms model to be associated with the element.
repeat-bind = IDREF
This attribute provides a reference to an XForms bind element.
repeat-nodeset = LocationPath
This attribute defines the an XPath LocationPath that maps to an XForms bind element.
repeat-startindex = Number
XForms hint to the processor as to which item from the collection to display first.
repeat-number = Number
XForms hint to the processor as to how many items from the collection to display at a time.

Implementation: XML Schema