XML Processing Model Requirements

W3C Working Group Note 05 April 2004

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This document contains requirements for the development of XML Processing Model and Language, which are intended to describe and specify the processing relationships between XML resources.

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This document is a Working Group Note of the Requirements Document for an XML Processing Model and Language for describing an interoperable way for applications to describe the order in which processes should be applied to XML documents.

This document has been produced by the W3C XML Core Working Group as part of the XML Activity.

The W3C XML Core Working Group does not plan to continue active work on this document but may update it. Feedback on this document is however welcome and should be sent to public-procmodel-comments@w3.org (archive). W3C encourages the community to indicate interest in this document and may dedicate resources to it depending on the feedback.

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Design Principles
3 Requirements
4 Use cases

1 Introduction

A large and growing set of specifications describe processes operating on XML documents. Many applications will depend on the use of more than one of these specifications. Considering how implementations of these specifications might interact raises many issues related to interoperability. This specification contains requirements on an XML Processing Model and Language for the description of XML process interactions in order to address these issues. This specification is concerned with the conceptual model of XML process interactions and the language for the decription of these interactions. This specification is not generally concerned with the implementations of actual XML processes participating in these interactions.

2 Design Principles

XML documents in this specification are operated on as information sets. The processes of interest in this specification are those that construct new information sets, inspect, augment, or extract from existing information sets, or transform existing information sets to other, new information sets. Although some applications work with concrete object models that are not identical to the Infoset, it is useful to describe the processing model in terms of the Infoset. In practice, applications will use SAX event streams, DOM object models, or other representations of XML documents and their infosets.

3 Requirements

4 Use cases