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This page has been superseded

This page is now closed, as the group now operates under the W3C Patent Policy Transition Procedure. Please see the ongoing list of patent disclosures to carry out any operations associated with this group, and for a record of all disclosures since the end of 2004.

IPR disclosures (historical)

The following statements were the patent disclosures and license commitments associated with the XML Core Documents and provided by members of the XML Core Working Group as required by the W3C Current Patent Practice, for deliverables of the Group through the end of 2004.

The Questions

Each member wishing to participate in the XML Core Group answered the following questions; their response are tabulated after the questions.

  1. Participation. Please select one of the following:

    [everyone listed here said they were intending to participate]

  2. Patent Claims

    This is a charter for a Royalty-Free Working Group, as defined in the Current Patent Practice Note.

    The deliverables of this Activity are:

    1. Disclosure. Please select one of the following three options:

      Patents essential to these deliverables should be disclosed according to section 3 of W3C's Current Patent Practice Note.

      1. To the best of my personal knowledge, my organization has no patents essential to the above deliverables.

        (this is marked in the table below as [no-knowledge])

      2. My organization has patents that may be essential to the above deliverables. (Patent numbers must be listed here.)

        (no respondants chose this option.)

      3. My organization will respond to this question at a later date, indicating one of the two previous options. I understand that failure to indicate one of the above two options by the time the Recommendation-track deliverable(s) enter Candidate Recommendation (or Proposed Recommendation if there is no Candidate Recommendation) will render my disclosure obligation incomplete, as described in the Current Patent Practice Note.

        (no respondants chose this option.)

    2. Licensing. Please select the following option if applicable:
      1. My organization may or may not have patents essential to the above deliverables. If we do, we agree to license them on Royalty-Free terms (as defined in section 6 of the Current Patent Practice Note to all implementers, whether or not they are Members of W3C.

        (this is marked as [RF] in the table below)


Note: The IPR and license claims are linked to the archived mail messages that were sent, in which the claims were made. These links are accessible only to W3C staff.

OrganizationAC RepWG ParticipantsPatents?Licensing
Arbortext, IncPaul GrossoPaul Grosso
Andrew Fang
IBMArnaud Le HorsArnaud Le Hors
Glenn Marcy
Microsoft IncDavid TurnerJonathan Marsh
Allen Brown
NISTMark SkallSandra Martinez
Frederick Boland
Oracle CorporationDonald DeutschDmitry Lenkov
Anjana Manian
Reuters Health InformationMisha WolfJohn Cowanno-knowledgeRF
SIRSI Corporation (formerly DRA)Mark NeedlemanMark Needlemanno-knowledgeblank
Sun Microsystems, Inc.Eduardo GutentagNorm Walshno-knowledgeRF
University of EdinburghHenry S. ThompsonRichard Tobinno-knowledgeblank
Invited ExpertJohn EvdemonJohn Evdemonno-knowledgeRF
Invited ExpertMary BradyMary Bradyno-knowledgeblank
Invited ExpertLew ShannonLew Shannonno-knowledgeRF
Invited ExpertDaniel VeillardDaniel Veillardno-knowledgeblank
Invited ExpertFrançois YergeauFrançois Yergeauno-knowledgeRF

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