ISSUE-1: px units

px units

Raised by:
Elika Etemad
Opened on:
It seems to be an unwritten assumption, that CSS 'px' units should map to
a whole number of device pixels. E.g. the examples in the spec all assume
rounding to a whole number of device pixels. But there is no normative
text that suggests this interpretation.

Proposed change:

"the user agent should rescale pixel values"
"the user agent should rescale pixel units to a different whole number
of device pixels"


Insert before
"It is recommended that the reference pixel be..."
the sentence
"It is recommended that the pixel unit refer to the whole number of
device pixels that best approximates the reference pixel."
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Related notes:

Second proposal accepted 2008-04-09

Elika Etemad, 16 Apr 2008, 01:00:06

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