ISSUE-30: Deprecate "actor" in favor of "attributedTo"

Deprecate "actor" in favor of "attributedTo"

Activity Streams 2.0
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James Snell
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In the most recent published working draft, the "author" property was
replaced by a more generalized "attributedTo" property. "author" is
still in there but is listed among the deprecated AS 1.0 terms. The
"actor" property on Activities is currently defined as a sub-property
of "attributedTo". Moving forward, there's likely very little value in
having the separate "actor" property. We can simplify and consolidate
down to just using "attributedTo". "actor" would be moved into the
deprecated set for backwards compatibility.

So instead of:

"@type": "Like",
"actor": "",
"object": ""

It would be:

"@type": "Like",
"attributedTo": "",
"object": ""

Note: this proposal does not ADD anything to the vocabulary, it
removes. Which is a good thing.
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I am withdrawing this Issue.

James Snell, 13 Apr 2015, 16:31:00

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