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Web Security Interest Group

January 2019 Status update: Until the charter of the Web Security Interest Group is renewed, please send review requests to Sam Weiler and cc public-web-security@w3.org.

W3C Staff Contacts: Samuel Weiler, Wendy Seltzer

Nearby: IG charter, mailing list archives

The mission of the Web Security Interest Group is to serve as a forum for discussions on improving standards and implementations to advance the security of the Web. To participate in the group, please join the public-web-security mailing list.

The Group intends to focus its work on three categories of effort:

  • Incubation: Discussing ideas for new Recommendation-track work; dispatching promising ideas to a Community Group or Task Force; proposing drafts to W3C for Working Group chartering.
  • Horizontal Reviews: Assessing W3C drafts for security considerations and/or publishing questionnaires or other guidance to enable self-review by working groups.
  • Web Security Incident Review: Considering reported security incidents as input, e.g., to correct patterns of error, threat modeling, and new spec development.

The group is designed as a forum for interested members of the broader Web community -- technology designers, implementors, and other interested parties -- to work toward improving specifications and implementations to advance security of the Web overall.

Interest Group Life

The IG is mainly working over the mailing list and has occasional calls.

IRC Channel: #websec

Other W3C Security Activities

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