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Welcome to the wiki of the W3C Web Security related activities.

This wiki is providing you with

  • an entry point to each group wiki
  • a reference to the important on-going deliverables, gathering efforts of security contributors in W3C

Entry point to W3C security related wikis

Other important activities are happening on other groups and that may impact the web (security) model

W3C deliverables to monitor

Some working draft are currently discussed in those different groups and should require your review and comments :

How to contribute ?

You want to be part of this effort related to improving standards and implementations to advance the security of the Web?

  • join the WG or IG
  • contribute to this wiki

This wiki is open for contributions by all with a W3C account. For general discussions, please refer to the public-web-security mailing list.


  • [Draft Report of WebCrypto Workshop]

Related Groups to Liaise With

Note : you can access the old version of that wiki [1]