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September 15 to September 30

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"WeekinQA" is a bi-weekly summary of the main topics discussed on http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-qa/, the public mailing-list of W3C QA Interest Group and http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-qa-wg, the public mailing-list of W3C's QA Working Group. See the calendar, initial requirements for this resource. Please contact Karl Dubost if you want to participate in this effort.

Topics for this period

Comments on Specification Guideline added to Issues List

Comments were received and documented as 22 new issues on the Issues List. The majority of these issues were extracted from Alex Rousskov's original email. Major issues included: whether the Dimensions of Variability discussion is excessive, Should conformance levels be used instead of prioritized checkpoints, and Should test assertions be included in a specification. Issues will be discussed at the next QA F2F, 8-10 October 2002.

See Threads:

QA Publication Schedule

A Roadmap of Publications was created and provides a table of the QA Working Group deliverables with dates for when each document enters a given phase in its process. The Roadmap of Publications is at: http://www.w3.org/QA/WG/Roadmap

Demo Sessions to be held at F2F

Lofton Henderson proposed having a show and tell of W3C test suites at the next QA F2F. The objective is to gain an understanding of how existing tests suites and frameworks were built and what they look like. This knowledge can provide the basis for a discussion of potential tools as well as when discussing the Test Guideline. Demos of SVG, DOM, XSLT, and SOAP will be given at the next F2F.

See Thread :

Draft Test Guideline

The 2002-07-01 Test Guide draft was released and discussed during a special telcon. The TestGL defines a set of common guidelines for building conformance test materials for W3C specifications.Based on the telcon comments, the document will be reorganized and modified accordingly. A half day discussion of the TestGL will occur at the next F2F. Release of a first draft is scheduled for late November 2002.

Does Informative = Non-Normative

The SpecGL defines the term "informative" but uses the term "non-normative". Are these two terms equivalent? Issues 100 captures this thread and suggests replacing the term non-normative with informative.

See Thread:

Meeting Minutes and Documentation Released

Final minutes QA WG September 18th, 2002, Scribe Dimitris Dimitriadis

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