W3C QA - Four weeks on the QA mailing lists
17 June 2002 to 15 July 2002

About the "weekinqa" QA Mailing-list bi-weekly summary

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"WeekInQA" is a bi-weekly summary of the main topics discussed on BOTH the www-qa@w3.org and www-qa-wg@w3.org mailing lists, the public mailing-lists of W3C QA Interest Group and W3C QA Working Group. It includes a brief summary of issues discussed that may be of interest to both IG members and others interested in the W3C QA effort. Links are provided to the start of each email thread. Note: prior to this issue the summary had only included the QAIG mailing list, www-qa@w3.org.

See the calendar, initial requirements for this resource and the previous issue.

Topics for this period

Meeting Minutes and Documentation Released

FINAL Minutes QA WG 20-June-2002 Jack Morrison (Wed, Jul 10 2002)

FINAL Minutes QA WG 27-June-2002 peter fawcett (Wed, Jul 10 2002)

Minutes 2002-03-07 QA WG Telcon Dimitris Dimitriadis (Thu, Jul 11 2002)

A-2002-03-08-4 Process Document and Guidelines - Ongoing

This discussion is about investigating the impact on the overall W3C process of the QA Operational Guidelines as they relate to call for participation. It is an extension of the discussion about what would need to change in the W3C Process Document .

See Threads:

DRAFT: Process Document to contact the QA WG

This items is about developing a Process to help other WG to contact the QA WG and to define an appropriate mechanism from the QA WG.

See Threads:

Proposed outline of the evolution of the QA Framework

This discussion is about the QA framework documents and their "mandatoriness" as they related working groups. "It wouldn't make much sense to have the QA Framework be promoted to a W3C Recommendation, since it only or mostly concerns W3C internal functioning. Provided that it will finish as a set of Notes, how do we want these notes to be used and especially enforced" ?

See Threads:

Special W3C Test license for publishing Test Materials

Is there a need for special W3C Test license for the Test materials published by the W3C ?

See Threads:

Test Guidelines

During the period of this summary a large amount of time was spent revewing and updating the Test Specification document. A couple of different issues, like overall document organization and clarification of checkpoint are discussed in these threads. This also included a discussion about the terms "Discretionary" and "Intentionally vague" as they apply to developing testable assertions from a specification.

See Threads:

(Proposal) Questonnaire to WG chairs on Specification Authoring (AI-2002-06-14-04)

This discussion is about a proposed questionaire to be sent to WG chairs to determine what and how they do specification development.

See Threads:

New checkpoints 15.1 & 15.2 for Spec guideline documents (A-2002-05-02-2)

New SpecGuide discussion draft Both of these cover updates and changes to the Specification Guideline.

See Threads:

Proposed split of Testing Checkpoint 4.6

This is a proposal to split one of the Test Specification checkpoints into a finer granularity.

See Threads:

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