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HTTP Timeline

Dec 24, 1997:
The release of an updated libwww which is conforming to the latest HTTP/1.1 Rev 01 draft
Dec 18, 1997:
Temporary HTTP-WG mailing list set up by W3C covering the shutdown over the Holidays of the normal list
Dec 14, 1997:
HTTP extensions IETF Working Group created at the Washington IETF
Dec 14, 1997:
HTTP Recipient Feature Profile IETF Working Group created
Nov 25, 1997:
The HTTP/1.1 Implementor's Forum is being maintained by Scott Lawrence
Nov 21, 1997:
HTTP/1.1 Rev-01 Issued as ID This revision of RFC 2068 is a major step towards IETF Draft Standard as it resolves all but a handfull of problems discovered in HTTP/1.1 during its implementation phase.
Nov 21, 1997:
PEP Issued as ID What is expected to be the last version of PEP has been submitted as an ID. The plan is that this draft will go to experimental by the Washington IETF meeting, December 1997.
Oct 15, 1997:
PEP demo code publically available
Sep 18, 1997:
W3C Performance Paper presented at SIGCOMM'97
Jul 30, 1997:
First revision of the HTTP/1.1 Proposed Standard
Jul 7, 1997:
Start of the HTTP-NG Project
Mar 18, 1997:
The W3C HTTP Performance Analysis started.
Jan, 1997:
HTTP/1.1 becomes a Proposed Standard (RFC 2068)

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