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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Set a page on the wiki with some sites that are in conjunction with other conferences and then try to pick a next location / date. David Ezell 2014-11-05
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Check for face-to-face place/time David Ezell 2014-11-05
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Setup conference bridge Stéphane Boyera 2014-11-05
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Send consolidated minutes Stéphane Boyera 2014-11-05
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Have claudia set up a call with steve stevens about x9 document access David Ezell 2014-11-11
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Ask claudia to claudia to investigate use-cases document from iso 12812 David Ezell 2014-11-11
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Create a task force wiki page Stéphane Boyera 2014-11-11
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Create a payment agent task force page Stéphane Boyera 2014-11-11
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Update joerg presentation on minutes of f2f Stéphane Boyera 2014-11-14
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Work with stephane to have a way to post summary of meeting Stéphane Boyera 2014-11-14
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Fekkes to launch work on glossary on wiki Evert Fekkes 2014-11-14
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Investige use case in face-to-face minutes Erik Anderson 2014-11-14
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Come back with a solution to korean-specific information David Ezell 2014-11-14
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Complete the wiki page, then organize discussion on hte mailing-list and a call Jörg Heuer 2014-11-14
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Add link to post entry to blog to home page. Stéphane Boyera 2014-11-21
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Launch discussion about deliverables for the ig. Stéphane Boyera 2014-11-21
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Run doodle poll to find different day for the web payments ig call. Stéphane Boyera 2014-11-21
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Ask tc68 to get access for use case task force organizer to review iso20022 and x9 use cases documents. Erik Anderson 2014-11-27
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Organize a doodle for next payment_agent tf Stéphane Boyera 2014-11-28
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Set up doodle poll on times for telcons. David Ezell 2014-12-02
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Ask tc68 how to get non-x9 members access to use cases documents. Claudia Swendseid 2014-12-02
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Figure out how this group can officially use github. Manu Sporny 2014-12-02
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Send a doodle poll on when to schedule a recruitment call. Erik Anderson 2014-12-09
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Put the actions from the previous tf meeting into trackbot David Ezell 2014-12-11
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Assign use cases (more or less at random) to people on the task force. Manu Sporny 2014-12-11
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Erik to ask TC68 to get access for Use Case Task Force organizer to review ISO20022 and X9 use cases documents. Erik Anderson 2014-12-09
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Manu to start the hand-over process for the Web Payments CG use cases document to be transferred to the Web Payments IG. Manu Sporny 2014-12-09 Use Cases
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Manu, Erik, and David to coordinate with Stephane on source control. Stéphane Boyera 2014-12-09
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Send out recruiting priority list, based on his understanding of the state of things. Manu Sporny 2014-12-16
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Ping st about sending representative for web payments ig work. Manu Sporny 2014-12-16
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Put together plan for group to use github (along w/ working scripts) and propose to group. Manu Sporny 2014-12-16
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Create a cvs area for editors payments/ig/docs and add editors (at least msporny to start with) Stéphane Boyera 2014-12-18
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Put a small terminology definition section at the top of the use cases wiki page. David Ezell 2014-12-18
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Edit Stéphane Boyera 2014-12-23
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Get definition of "third party provider" and any other relevant definition for inclusion in the roles from jean-yves. David Ezell 2014-12-23
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Harvest emvco tokenization roles and insert into a glossary section under "roles". Evert Fekkes 2014-12-23
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Ask patrick for a screenshot of the svg posting error. David Ezell 2014-12-23
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Summarize us fed use cases document and create new use cases for the wiki. Manu Sporny 2015-07-30 Use Cases
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Review the iso20022 processes for cross referencing and to provide feedback for the roadmap. Erik Anderson 2015-02-01
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Work with wendy on publishing documents in w3c dated space with the right acl David Ezell 2015-01-13
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Fix actions in trackbot. David Ezell 2015-01-15
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Add "high level category" to represent something like "card present" or "card not present". David Ezell 2015-01-15
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Change "the requested products" to "the requested products or services (optional)" David Ezell 2015-01-15
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Create use cases editor's draft document and integrate purchase request, push-based payments, and choice of payment instrument into document. Manu Sporny 2015-01-15
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Send a note to the group to mention how tf minutes valdiation will work and how to request change Stéphane Boyera 2015-01-23
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Create a new wiki, and add appropriate disclaimers in the new and previous page Jörg Heuer 2015-01-23
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Talk with matt rawlins more about the regulatory contacts we need for international input. Erik Anderson 2015-01-27
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Contact gemalto to see if they attend the f2f in utrecht Stéphane Boyera 2015-01-30
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Send a final reminder to register to f2f David Ezell 2015-02-03
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Go through face-to-face agenda and add his thoughts. Manu Sporny 2015-02-03
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Pull out a new list of requirements from the starting list plus this session. Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-02-09
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Review purchase request use case Laurent Castillo 2015-02-09
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Clarify use case for choice of payment instruments. Laurent Castillo 2015-02-09 Use Cases
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Revise the glossary per the discussion at the f2f, and let us know when season opens on comments. Evert Fekkes 2015-02-09 Glossary
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Create a security task force Laurent Castillo 2015-02-11 Security
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Create a communications strategy task force Patrick Adler 2015-02-11
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Work with w3c staff on contacts for ig David Ezell 2015-02-20
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Send list of organizations that may join to ian. Manu Sporny 2015-02-11
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Put goals in the wiki and send an email telling people to work on refining the goals list. Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-02-17
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Start ballot for mid-2015 FTF meeting David Ezell 2015-02-20
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Set up survey for weekly call schedule. Ian Jacobs 2015-02-11
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Perform a full review for the use cases fpwd. Laurent Castillo 2015-02-25 Use Cases
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Perform a full review for the use cases fpwd. Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-02-19
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Add "basic flow" to each use case as well as nouns (actors) and verbs (actions). Manu Sporny 2015-02-19 Use Cases
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Remove the "requirements" sections and replace them with "preconditions" and "postconditions". Manu Sporny 2015-02-19 Use Cases
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Send public invitation to comms task force Ian Jacobs 2015-02-24 Communications Strategy
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Write up proposal for minutes management; send for review to public ig list; if no objections seek approval at next meeting David Ezell 2015-02-24
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Review initiating a payment use case and propose changes. Ian Jacobs 2015-03-04 Use Cases
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Figure out how to have one glossary document that can be #included into each spec. Manu Sporny 2015-07-30 Glossary
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Write a pull-payment use case. Laurent Castillo 2015-02-26 Use Cases
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Work with leads on various project components to flesh out blocks for getting to roadmap, owners, and timelines. David Ezell 2015-03-09 Planning
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Work with charles to turn IG goals into a stable reference Ian Jacobs 2015-03-11
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Revisit the weekly teleconference time David Ezell 2015-04-01
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Integrate ian and dave ragget's basic narrative into use cases document, integrate examples of micro-usecase alternatives into use cases document, and integrate alternate narratives into an appendix in the use cases document. Manu Sporny 2015-03-12
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Create draft slide deck on web payments work Ian Jacobs 2015-08-01
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Review draft-wiley-paymentassoc-00 and report relation to ig's work Manu Sporny 2015-07-30
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Review the list of liaisons and dependencies in the charter and create a draft list of what review and when we would need from groups, as well as what technology we might need groups to develop (or when we know) David Ezell 2015-06-19
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Create a summary of the iso12812/x9 analysis destined for a blog post for external groups for comms purposes. David Ezell 2015-06-19
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Review use cases document by april 3rd. Katie Haritos-Shea 2015-04-02
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Clear publication date with w3c comms team for use cases fpwd. Manu Sporny 2015-04-02
ACTION-83 (edit) closed And erika and ianj to work on publication announcement for use cases fpwd. David Ezell 2015-04-02
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Propose an alternative document flow/section break up for payment agent document. Manu Sporny 2015-04-03
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Write a sketch of draft wg charters (likely to involve ig discussion) Ian Jacobs 2015-04-27
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Investigate getting a negotiated hotel rate. Erik Anderson 2015-04-13
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Write first draft of june ftf agenda David Ezell 2015-04-27
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Start a page in the liaisons tf on relevant iso/x9/etc. specs David Ezell 2015-06-19
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Consider call among manu, mike, chairs, team contacts Wendy Seltzer 2015-04-20
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Send cyril a use case scenario template file to fill out. Manu Sporny 2015-07-30
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Put together a poll on use case priority at the beginning of june. Manu Sporny 2015-04-23
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Coordinate iso20022 use cases with cyril and bloomberg iso20022 expert. David Jackson 2015-04-23
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Write up a plan (with description, timeline, and identifying clearly who is expected to do stuff) for getting to a proposal for architecture goals by 4 may Patrick Adler 2015-04-27
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Try and map minimal v1 features to use cases. Manu Sporny 2015-04-30 Payment Agent
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Try and gather prioritization of use cases before f2f. Manu Sporny 2015-04-30
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Add link to the google doc in the wiki Patrick Adler 2015-05-04
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Find out the access rules for iso12812 dis review. David Ezell 2015-07-08
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Find commonalities between us fed fptf, bmgf, and web payments ig use cases. Manu Sporny 2015-07-31
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Propose agenda items to time slots. Ian Jacobs 2015-05-18
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Figure out where regulation goes in the agenda. David Ezell 2015-05-18
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Work with ian to send a call for consensus on the vision text David Ezell 2015-05-28
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Publish vision text in respec form after the ftf meeting at which point we will express the group's level of consensus for the vision Adrian Hope-Bailie 2015-06-22 Vision Statement
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Make a dinner reservation for 30 on 16 june at 6:30pm near bloomberg office Erik Anderson 2015-06-02
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Write up teleconf transition plan Ian Jacobs 2015-06-29
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Work with manu on a revised credentials wg charter that (1) focuses on payments use cases (2) includes references to other use cases where ideally the work could be applicable (3) mention cg work as input Ian Jacobs 2015-06-05
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Reach out to iso tc 68 partners to find good channel for getting feedback on use cases and other documents David Ezell 2015-07-08
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Write up architectural synthesis of what he is thinking Adam Muntner 2015-06-24
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Write up an architectural layer synthesis of components of the web payments stack. Adam Muntner 2015-06-24
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Create revised payments wg charter Adrian Hope-Bailie 2015-06-24
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Work with arie, claudia, manu, srikanth and zack on communications Ian Jacobs 2015-07-02
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Organize a flow diagram conversation to produce what is supported by the Payments WG charter Yaso Córdova 2015-06-24
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Organize task force discussion to solicit discussions from stakeholders such as regulators Claudia Swendseid 2015-06-25
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Reach out to task force leads to develop task force plans (deliverables, timelines, etc.) and due dates for those plans David Ezell 2015-07-06
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Contact additional review volunteers. David Ezell 2015-07-13
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Review the web payments working group charter. Magda Sypula 2015-07-13
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Review the web payments working group charter. Nick Telford-Reed 2015-07-13
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Review the web payments working group charter. Patrick Adler 2015-07-13
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Review the web payments working group charter. Katie Haritos-Shea 2015-07-13
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Review the web payments working group charter. Zach Koch 2015-07-13
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Call for agreement on fast tracking the use cases to tr David Ezell 2015-07-13
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Review web payments working group charter. David Ezell 2015-07-13
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Review web payments working group charter. Jörg Heuer 2015-07-13
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Send out a call for comments for capabilities document july 13th to july 27th, fpwd by august 12th. David Ezell 2015-07-20
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Shorten the capabilities comment period to july 20. David Ezell 2015-07-20
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Propose cash/escrow-based scheme for web payments charter. Mountie Lee 2015-07-20
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Request to manu to create a diff document and summary of changes (appendix) Ian Jacobs 2015-07-23
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Update wg charter based on ig feedback Ian Jacobs 2015-07-27
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Write the intro to the capabilities doc Patrick Adler 2015-08-14
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Write introduction to "commerce" section David Ezell 2015-08-14
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Write identity/credentials intro to capabilities document Manu Sporny 2015-08-14
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Write security core intro to capabilities document Manu Sporny 2015-08-14
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Follow up about demos with w3c for tpac David Ezell 2015-08-17
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Inform the chairs of any discussions required for Manu Sporny 2015-08-29 Use Cases
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Inform the chairs of any discussions required for the f2f in Sapporo regarding the Payment Architecture TF Patrick Adler 2015-08-29 Payment Agent
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Report on TF priorities and topics, especially as regards deliverables for the Sapporo FTF meeting, and inviting other IG participants to help refine those. Jörg Heuer 2015-08-29 Payment Agent
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Let the chairs know of any report from the IoV work for the f2f meeting in Sapporo. Adrian Hope-Bailie 2015-08-29 Planning
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Inform the chairs of any topics on External Reviews that need to be reported at the f2f in Sapporo Claudia Swendseid 2015-08-29 External dependencies
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Let the chairs know of any report or topics concerning the Security TF for the f2f in Sapporo Laurent Castillo 2015-08-29 Security
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Let the chairs know of any Glossary or Terminology topics needed for the F2F in Sapporo Evert Fekkes 2015-08-29 Glossary
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Let the chairs know what, if any, report is necessary on comms strategy for the Oct 2015 ftf meeting Ian Jacobs 2015-08-29 Communications Strategy
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Reach out to Ripple about arranging a conversation wtih EBA Adrian Hope-Bailie 2015-09-07
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Talk with w3c staff about getting a security update at the ftf meeting Ian Jacobs 2015-09-10
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Create a list of "top" psps that we should contact. Nick Telford-Reed 2015-09-18
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Create a list of top psps to reach out to Amy Zirkle 2015-09-18
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Send out meeting invitation for 18 september at 9am et for next meeting Ian Jacobs 2015-09-18
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Organize a credentials special call David Ezell 2015-09-21
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Draft template for outreach to banks with questions Ian Jacobs 2015-09-22
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Set up a wiki page for logging conversations and feedback Ian Jacobs 2015-09-22
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Propose a rewording of card payment section as a suggestion rather than deliverable Adrian Hope-Bailie 2015-09-24
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Suggest a way to reintegrate statement about "execution of the payment by either payer or payee." as a reference point (but not activity of the wg) Adrian Hope-Bailie 2015-09-24
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Reach out to about our payment service provider project Ian Jacobs 2015-09-25
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Send paper on psps and some questions for psps Amy Zirkle 2015-09-25
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Schedule time with amy to work on psp market segmentation Ian Jacobs 2015-09-25
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Develop topics further based on use cases document Kepeng Li 2015-09-25
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Work with zach on payment completion language for charter Adrian Hope-Bailie 2015-09-28
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Work with richard on concrete language to elucidate potential browser roles in the charter. Ian Jacobs 2015-09-28
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Check with the reviewer for more information about request to remove card payments spec Ian Jacobs 2015-09-28
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Review list of questions and send comments. Nick Telford-Reed 2015-10-02
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Reach out to the uk card association with questions (after we finalize them) Nick Telford-Reed 2015-10-02
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Reach out to worldpay colleagues to come up with top 10 psps from the list he provided Nick Telford-Reed 2015-10-02
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Send ian a contact at global platform Laurent Castillo 2015-10-13
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Produce a Proposal (or more than one) on the Wiki on 'Security' for discussion. Erik Anderson 2015-11-30 Planning
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Produce a Proposal on the Wiki on 'ISO20022' for discussion. Kris Ketels 2015-11-30 Planning
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Produce a Proposal on the Wiki on 'Capabilities Document' for discussion. Patrick Adler 2015-11-30 Planning
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Produce a Proposal on the Wiki on 'Interledger Charter' for discussion. Adrian Hope-Bailie 2015-11-30 Planning
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Revise the Proposal on the Wiki on 'Credentials TF' for discussion. Manu Sporny 2015-11-23 Planning
ACTION-171 (edit) closed Produce a Proposal on the Wiki on 'E Commerce' for discussion. David Ezell 2015-11-23 Planning
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Produce a Proposal on the Wiki on 'SCAI' for discussion. Cyril VIGNET 2015-11-30 Planning
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Schedule an initial Web Payments IG Credentials Review TF meeting for Dec 1. Manu Sporny 2015-11-30 Planning
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Attempt to sharpen the problem statement for ecommerce proposal. David Ezell 2015-11-30 Planning
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Reach out to kris about creating a task force. David Ezell 2015-12-07
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Update the tf proposal to indicate ig deliverables. Adrian Hope-Bailie 2015-12-14
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Lead discussion of proposal revision Patrick Adler 2015-12-28
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Follow up with davide and amyz to make sure retailers are aware of the work. Ian Jacobs 2016-01-18
ACTION-179 (edit) closed Will convene erik and doug to help organize the session Ian Jacobs 2016-02-08
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Draft a plan around digital coupons work Ian Jacobs 2016-03-14
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Talk to Christopher Allen about emerging nation problems. David Ezell 2016-07-08
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Send email to IG on the VCTF resolution. David Ezell 2016-07-20
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Reach out to jean-yves to communicate the discussion today to inform the session David Ezell 2016-08-29
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Look into reaching out to the itu-t forum for a briefing on w3c payments Ian Jacobs 2016-10-10
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Propose text for possible inclusion in the verifiable claims WG charter to help with the logistics of verifying a claim. Jean-Yves ROSSI 2016-10-10
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Present initial plan re: regulatory landscape Jean-Yves ROSSI 2016-10-10
ACTION-187 (edit) closed Propose a plan for revisiting the IG vision Ian Jacobs 2016-10-31
ACTION-188 (edit) closed Propose a communications piece re web payments David Ezell 2016-10-31
ACTION-189 (edit) closed Investigate meeting space for 22 march in chicago David Ezell 2017-01-16
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Add back supported schemes Ian Jacobs 2017-02-09
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Identify someone at the fed to work in the regulatory task force Patrick Adler 2017-03-29

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