Feedback and Discussion

There are three ways to provide feedback about P3P.

  1. www-p3p-dev is a mailing list for P3P software developers to discuss P3P implementation. We will also use this list to alert developers about changes to the P3P spec, future interop events, etc. To subscribe, email with "subscribe" in the Subject.
  2. www-p3p-policy is a mailing list for people who are responsible for creating P3P policies for web sites to discuss issues that come up in the process of making their web sites P3P compliant. To subscribe, email with "subscribe" in the Subject.
  3. If you have specific comments on the specifications, please email them to public-p3p-spec at or send them to rigo at who will forward.

If you have questions about implementing P3P on your web site, please use the www-p3p-policy mailing list only!

Papers & Presentations about P3P

The following papers and presentations have been prepared by P3P working group members, but do not necessarily represent the views of the entire working group:

The following papers contain commentaries and critiques of P3P:

Selected P3P Media Coverage:


Press releases and project updates:

The following documents are now out of date: