W3C to become a public-interest non-profit organization

28 June 2022 | Archive

megaphone We are pleased to announce today that W3C is to become a public-interest non-profit organization. The design of the new legal entity has been taking several years because of the imperative to preserve the core mission of the Consortium to shepherd the web by developing open standards with contributions from W3C Members, staff, and the international community. In the months leading to the launch of a new legal entity in January 2023, we will release further details. Please find more information in our media advisory about the original Hosted model that is being replaced and what it helped W3C accomplish in 28 years, the reasons for change and why we must preserve our standards development process, and our next steps.

First Public Working Draft: Multi-Screen Window Placement

30 June 2022 | Archive

The Second Screen Working Group has published a First Public Working Draft of Multi-Screen Window Placement. This document defines a web platform API that allows script to query the device for information about its screens, and place content on specific screens.

Draft Note: Ethical Principles for Web Machine Learning

28 June 2022 | Archive

The Web Machine Learning Working Group has published a First Draft Note of its Ethical Principles for Web Machine Learning. This document identifies ethical issues associated with using Machine Learning on the Web, to help identify what mitigations the Working Group’s normative specifications should take into account. Based on the UNESCO Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, it offers an initial attempt at describing how these principles might apply to Machine Learning in browsers.

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