W3C Workshop Report: Blockchains and the Web

26 August 2016 | Archive

Blockchain workshop graphical representation W3C published today the report of the W3C Blockchains and the Web workshop held on 29-30 June, 2016, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Participants at the workshop found many topics for possible standardization or incubation, including various aspects of identity and proof-of-existence, as well as smaller blockchain primitives that could increase interoperability across different distributed ledgers.

Discussion will continue in the Blockchain Community Group, which will coordinate across different communities and groups to foster standardization where needed, as discussed in the related blog post, “Building Blocks of Blockchains“. This popular workshop had over one hundred attendees, and was hosted by MIT Media Lab and sponsored by NTT, Blockstream, and other W3C Members.

First Public Working Draft: SHACL Core Abstract Syntax and Semantics

26 August 2016 | Archive

The RDF Data Shapes Web Working Group has published a Working Draft of SHACL Core Abstract Syntax and Semantics. This document defines an abstract syntax for the core SHACL (SHApes Constraint Language). It is derived from the SHACL specification and is a non-normative version of the content of that specification.

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