How To Become an MWI Sponsor

Here are five simple steps to follow:

  1. Let us know that you are interested by sending mail to, and
  2. If your organization is not yet a W3C member, you need to become a W3C Member first. To find out whether your organization is a W3C member, please refer to the list of current W3C members.
  3. Sign four copies of the MWI sponsorship agreement. The amount of your MWI Sponsorship fee per year is half of the amount of your W3C Membership fee per year.
  4. Check out the W3C Contact page to determine which W3C host contact is responsible for you. The host contact depends on where the headquarter of your organization is located.
  5. Send the four copies of the sponsorship agreement to the W3C host contact.
Contact: Dominique Hazael-Massieux