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ACTION-3 (edit) closed - review XML Events 2 issues comprehensively; Roland Merrick 2008-10-08 XML Events 2
ACTION-4 (edit) closed reply to Forms comments, point to latest Editor's Draft to ascertain if have alleviated their concerns Shane McCarron 2008-11-15 Access Module
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Respond to TAG about CURIE LC comments Shane McCarron 2008-10-15 CURIEs
ACTION-6 (edit) closed - add 2 items to errata for XML Events 1 Shane McCarron 2008-10-22 XML Events 1
ACTION-7 (edit) closed - Steven to write strawman on XHTML2/HTML5 wording Steven Pemberton 2008-10-22 XHTML2 and HTML5
ACTION-8 (edit) closed - produce updated drafts of XHTML specs with schema by face2face Shane McCarron 2008-10-22
ACTION-9 (edit) closed - reply to Simon's comments on behalf of Opera in regards XHTML Mime Type Shane McCarron 2008-10-22 XHTML MIME Type
ACTION-10 (edit) closed - clear up status of why ARIA says "similar" to role Gregory Rosmaita 2008-10-22 Role Module
ACTION-11 (edit) closed draft policy statement on migration and evolution Shane McCarron 2008-11-23
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Update Access, Role, and CURIE documents for CR Shane McCarron 2008-10-20 XHTML 1.2
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Craft an example script to generically transform a string to a CURIE using the XML DOM for inclusion or reference from the CURIE spec. Shane McCarron 2008-12-20 CURIEs
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Create an @implements module for use in XHTML 1.2 Shane McCarron 2008-12-19 XHTML 1.2
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Add the IDREF change for imagemap to XHTML 1.2 Shane McCarron 2008-12-01 XHTML 1.2
ACTION-17 (edit) closed create Strawman for XHTML <=> HTML5 positioning Steven Pemberton 2008-11-04 XHTML2 and HTML5
ACTION-18 (edit) closed update the XHTMLMIME draft then respond to Olivier's proposal Shane McCarron 2008-11-12 XHTML MIME Type
ACTION-19 (edit) closed craft text to about transformation of XHTML to HTML for the XHTMLMIME draft Shane McCarron 2008-11-05 XHTML MIME Type
ACTION-20 (edit) closed - respond to LC2 call for Selectors API - 2008-11-30 Steven Pemberton 2008-11-30 Spec Reviews
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Prepare 1.0 PER by removing appendix C and replace with pointer / reference to XHTML Mime Shane McCarron 2008-11-18 XHTML 1.0 SE
ACTION-22 (edit) closed - work with Yam on missing example for XHTML Basic - 2008-11-19 Steven Pemberton 2008-11-18 XHTML Basic
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Start implementing xml schema for xhtml 2.0 Shane McCarron 2008-11-19 XHTML2
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Add text to embedding module saying how it works Steven Pemberton 2008-11-19 XHTML2
ACTION-25 (edit) closed roll Access, Role & XML Events 2 (in 3 modules) to XHTML2 Shane McCarron 2008-11-30 Modularization
ACTION-26 (edit) closed outline how parameters should work on media type & get RFC updated Shane McCarron 2008-11-10 XHTML MIME Type
ACTION-28 (edit) closed add ITS to the XHTML 2 Doctype section Shane McCarron 2008-11-29 XHTML2
ACTION-29 (edit) closed adding XInclude Roland Merrick 2008-11-25 XHTML2
ACTION-30 (edit) closed - request CR Transition for Role Module Steven Pemberton 2008-11-26
ACTION-31 (edit) closed - request CR transition for Access Module Steven Pemberton 2008-11-26 Access Module
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Update XML Events 2 draft so it has a diff mark to previous public working draft AND to the previous recommendation Shane McCarron 2008-11-26
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Write a quick summary of the position w.r.t. DOM2 vs. DOM3 in XML Events 2 Shane McCarron 2008-11-26 XML Events 2
ACTION-34 (edit) closed - draft roadmap for XHTML2 to discuss reasonableness at next call Roland Merrick 2008-11-25
ACTION-35 (edit) closed - ask XForms about Access Module concerns Mark Birbeck 2008-11-26
ACTION-36 (edit) closed - get draft policy statement about migrating modules on MarkUp front page Shane McCarron 2008-12-03
ACTION-37 (edit) closed - request transition to PER for XHTML 1.1, XHTML Basic 1.1, and XHTML Print Steven Pemberton 2008-12-03
ACTION-38 (edit) closed - request transition for XHTML 1.0 PER (Third Edition) Steven Pemberton 2008-12-03
ACTION-39 (edit) closed - prepare new draft of XHTML2 for review; have ready to at least walk WG through changes Shane McCarron 2008-12-03
ACTION-40 (edit) closed - notify HTC of change of verbiage to "DOM2 or later" in XML Events 2 Roland Merrick 2008-12-03
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Follow up with I18N on access comments Steven Pemberton 2009-01-14
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Request CR for role Steven Pemberton 2009-01-14 Role Module
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Request PER for 4 specs using M12N Steven Pemberton 2009-01-14
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Write a draft of a short document on the philosophy of xhtml 2 for use in web space. Steven Pemberton 2009-01-21 XHTML2
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Talk to the mobile people about allowing @lang Roland Merrick 2009-01-28
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Define caption module and add issue about whether caption should be included in the Text content set. Shane McCarron 2009-01-28
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Reply to Addison with a request for a new attribute name. Steven Pemberton 2009-02-11 Access Module
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Send a formal reply to message 122 Steven Pemberton 2009-02-11 XHTML MIME Type
ACTION-49 (edit) closed - ensure that XHTML Vocab Document in sync with ARIA 1.0 Last Call draft are in sync Gregory Rosmaita 2009-02-18
ACTION-50 (edit) closed - send summation of discussion (this is what we need from language point of view and good practices bad practices) with examples Gregory Rosmaita 2009-02-18 XHTML2
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Lightly review WAI ARIA by 17 April Tina Holmboe 2009-04-17
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Read WAI ARIA by 18 march Steven Pemberton 2009-03-04
ACTION-53 (edit) closed - investigate overlap between XML Events 2 and XForms 1.1 Steven Pemberton 2009-03-17
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Create a new h1-h6 module marked as legacy. Shane McCarron 2009-03-17 XHTML2
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Update the title element so it is clear that it can also be used in the text content set and that its contents become the \"tooltip\" for the enclosing element. Shane McCarron 2009-03-17
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Revert the link and meta content models to their XHTML M12N 1.1 content model but permit nested meta elements in the head. Do not permit @name and @scheme on meta though - they are not needed. Shane McCarron 2009-03-17
ACTION-58 (edit) closed - investigate use cases for genericizing @for to ascertain if should be added to common/core attributes Gregory Rosmaita 2009-03-17 for/id for Text Module
ACTION-59 (edit) closed - is @for useful in specific cases (enumerate) or can it be used generally Gregory Rosmaita 2009-03-17 for/id for Text Module
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Develop a legacy INS and DEL module that adds those elements to the text content set. Shane McCarron 2009-03-17
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Add CURIE script to wiki Shane McCarron 2009-03-18
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Update vocab document for ARIA values Shane McCarron 2009-03-18
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Updated xhtml-access to reflect changes requested by I18N group Shane McCarron 2009-03-25 Access Module
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Change CURIE spec to make the prefix mechanism the responsibility of the host language Shane McCarron 2009-03-26 CURIEs
ACTION-65 (edit) closed - draft example of P with prose list and structural list Gregory Rosmaita 2009-04-02 XHTML2
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Remove the nl element from XHTML 2 Shane McCarron 2009-04-02
ACTION-67 (edit) closed - talk to Richard to ask if someone from ITS can join an XHTML2 call to discuss this further Steven Pemberton 2009-04-02
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Put br element back into XHTML 2 with a note that there are better ways to mark up lines. Shane McCarron 2009-04-02
ACTION-72 (edit) closed - prepare Best Practice for Role Module wiki space and begin populating with examples Gregory Rosmaita 2009-04-15 add "form" to vocab for Role
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Update introduction to section 2 of the vocab document AND update the RDFa so that all the terms are associated with role. Shane McCarron 2009-04-15
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Reply to message 0002 Shane McCarron 2009-04-15
ACTION-77 (edit) closed - send email to public-xhtml2 about DAISY's use of CURIEs to public-xhtml2 Markus Gylling 2009-04-30
ACTION-78 (edit) closed - create wiki page for hreflang and content-negotiation best practices and examples Gregory Rosmaita 2009-04-30 XHTML2
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Ask WAI PF if they want to take on the role spec Gregory Rosmaita 2009-11-18 Role Module
ACTION-108 (edit) closed - send editorial changes to Steven for Vocab document Gregory Rosmaita 2010-01-27
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Raise DOMActivate with HCG Steven Pemberton 2010-01-27

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