VFtF 2009 06 04

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W3C Forms WG Virtual Face to Face Meeting

Agenda for June 4, 2009

  • Discuss Future Work of the Working Group
  • Discuss Renewing and/or Consolidation of Charter
  • Review Future Technical Features
  • Technical Discussion of Future Features

Future Features List

  • Context everywhere, context on bind
  • Data driven switch
  • case() function
  • Better expression of default trigger
  • Better DOM interface to expose all actions and to query states of UI controls
  • AJAX programmer APIs (same as above?)
  • Custom XPath functions, e.g sumover(), also from host language e.g. javascript
  • submissions that put and get binary resources
  • setting submission method default to "get"
  • Ability to suppress RRRR on submission completion and/or initialization
  • Lazy authoring improvement: empty instance exists even if no refs
  • repeat and relevance/enabled/disabled (http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-forms/2009Mar/0007.html)
  • JSON submissions
  • submission to a "new" window
  • mediatype="text/html" on textarea for rich text content
  • XML Events 2
  • Dialogs
  • Model improvements (optional, nested, external/src, exceptions)
  • UI event notification improvements
  • Node "create" action (origin variation on insert?)
  • Revisit multiple instance delete issue
  • Setting event contextinfo as part of dispatch
  • Better upload control (better control of metadata, instant upload submission to server)
  • Better support for submission and model patterns for multipage web apps
  • Simplified repeat patterns
  • Refactor dependencies to detect automatic rebuild conditions and reduce circular dependencies
  • Consolidate recalculate and revalidate
  • Structural calculates (like declarative insert/delete)
  • Same model item property on the same node (e.g. multiple constraints)
  • XForms for HTML

See also the XForms 2.0 Features on the future features page, some of which are duplicated here.