January-February 2008 Newsletter

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January-February 2008 Activities

We have combined the January and February reports this month. This report includes the results of our first F2F meeting of 2008.

Late last year, we decided to have three F2F meetings per year instead of four, but to extend each one by a "virtual" full day of teleconferencing, and to extend our weekly meetings by thirty minutes.

Working with Other Groups

ITS and I18N

We are working with I18N group to help define ITS rules for XForms. http://www.w3.org/TR/its/

Access Control

We discussed the Access Control WD and provided feedback to the WebApps WG. We asked for a liaison to work with Forms WG on support for Access Control in XForms. The Access Control WD discussed XForms briefly and noted that some implementations of XForms already provide cross-site permission support.

XForms CSS Styling

We worked on separating out display issues in XForms from specifications of CSS (including CSS3) as a mechanism for display.

XML Core

We agreed that we had no objections to XML 1.0 Fifth Edition.

Forms Task Force

We continued to work on the joint Forms Task Force. We are making progress on XForms 1.2 requirements and a first public working draft, which are both deliverables for the Forms Task Force under our charter work.

W3C Process

We handled last call issues for XForms 1.1 CR.


2008-01-07: Yahoo! announced http://yhoo.client.shareholder.com/press/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=284835 its strategy to foster a mobile ecosystem and deliver the best mobile internet experience to billions of consumers. The underlying technology for delivering on this strategy is the Yahoo! Mobile Developer Platform,http://us.beta.mobile.yahoo.com/developers which includes XForms: "Much of Blueprint's philosophy and syntax comes from XForms." http://us.beta.mobile.yahoo.com/developers/roadmap

F2F February 1 and Feb 4-6


We discussed issues such as model-driven switch, and decided to explore select1 as a child element of switch, to enable expression of intent and simplify styling. We discussed XForms action scripting and submission related issues.


We developed themes for XForms 1.2 and XForms 2.0 and refined them in later teleconferences (v.i).

XForms 1.2 and XForms 2.0

We updated the feature descriptions for XForms 1.2 and 2.0 and further refined them: http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Forms/wiki/XForms_Future_Features

XForms 1.2

We picked the theme "Streamlining for Web Application Authors" (modularization and refactoring).

XForms 2.0

We picked the theme "Componentization of Model, View, and Controller." We decided that we would approach a more modular specification document for XForms 1.2, and would adopt modularization of features as they become ready, though would not require full modularization until XForms 2.0.